Requiring Students to Submit Assignments in a Course

by Skilljar Customer Training

At times, you may wish to require that students submit assignments and receive a grade on their submission in order to complete a course. You can do this in Skilljar with a few simple steps.

Collect Student Submissions Using Quizzes

  1. Create a quiz and add a Free Form Response Question
  2. For the Free Form Response question, choose to either to Automatically Grade questions, or Manually Grade question. 


  3. Review student responses from the Students page under the Tasks tab:


  4. For questions that require manual grading, students will receive your feedback upon grading the task.

You can have students submit their raw text responses or a sharable link to an online document or drive with their assignment.

Collect Student Submissions via a Form, Email, or Online Dropbox

  1. Within Course Management for your specific course, create a Text Lesson.
    1. You can have students add their response in a form, send you as the instructor and email with their assignment, or include a link to an online dropbox for students to submit their assignment.
    2. It is recommended that you include the requirements for the assignment in the lesson. 
  2. Open the Settings at the bottom of the Text Lesson and check the box, "Disable Completion Upon View."


  3. After students have submitted their assignments, you can manually enter their score/grade and mark the lesson as complete in the Students section of the Dashboard. To view the help article about how to edit student course progress, click here
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