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Skilljar supports an integration with ChurnZero to record the activity of the Students from Skilljar into ChurnZero. ChurnZero is a real-time customer success software platform that allows you to understand how your students interact with your training site, allowing you to tailor your training content to their needs.

Read below for details of the requirements for the ChurnZero integration and the behavior/rules of the sync. To learn more about ChurnZero, visit their website

Note: ChurnZero does not support Single Sign On via Skilljar.

The steps below are current at the time of writing. If you have any issues or questions regarding the ChurnZero platform, please visit the ChurnZero help center

Integration Requirements

To connect your Skilljar instance to your ChurnZero instance, the following is required:

  • Authorize your Skilljar instance within ChurnZero. To authorize, log into your ChurnZero account, go to your ChurnZero platform, select Admin and Skilljar Setup, and then follow the instructions. Confirm the authorization with your ChurnZero Implementation Specialist and/or our Customer Success team when you are done.
    • Note: ChurnZero will only communicate with one Skilljar domain.
  • A way to identify Contacts. To match students from Skilljar to contacts in ChurnZero, ChurnZero needs a method to match the records. By default, ChurnZero uses the student's email address as the matching criteria.

Sync Behavior/Rules

  • This is a one-way sync, from Skilljar to ChurnZero For Records. ChurnZero will listen for the following records:

    • Course Enrollment

    • Course Completion

    • Lesson Completion

    • Quiz Completion.

      These records will be stored as Custom Tables at ChurnZero. Because of the one-way nature of these records, if field changes are made on the custom tables they will only be filled in going forward.

  • Skilljar Record syncing. Skilljar Records are related to Contacts in ChurnZero based on the matching criteria implemented in the setup (email address by default). Records flow from Skilljar to ChurnZero as they happen, so no historical data will be synced. A consequence of this is that if new fields of the record are added to the custom table at ChurnZero the new field will only be populated going forward.

  • Skilljar Record data is supplemental data in ChurnZero. Skilljar Record data can be used in Segments and can be used to trigger Alerts. But Skilljar Records themselves can't interact with Plays, Journeys, NPS Campaigns, or ChurnScores (this is all done at the account and/or contact level).

  • Custom fields from Skilljar can't be added in ChurnZero. Because the Skilljar integration pulls in information via webhook, ChurnZero isn't t able to add connected fields from your Skilljar instance.

Using ChurnZero to Provision Contacts in Skilljar (Optional Setup)

If you don't have a method for getting students in Skilljar, ChurnZero contacts can automatically be provisioned as Skilljar students. This is not the default behavior, so please reach out to your ChurnZero Implementation Specialist or Customer Success Manager to learn more. 

To provision contacts in ChurnZero, we need logic to identify the correct contacts to provision. This logic can be based on the properties of the contact or account. For example, provision all contacts that are associated with an active account and have logged in within the last 365 days. Contacts that fall out of this provided filter will be removed as students from Skilljar.

Sync Behavior/Rules for Contact Provisioning

  • This is a one-way sync, from ChurnZero to Skilljar For Contacts. ChurnZero will send Contacts to Skilljar Students. Properties of the ChurnZero Contact and/or the ChurnZero account can be sent to the Skilljar Student. ChurnZero will match Skilljar students based on the email of the Skilljar student and that of the contact. If multiple contacts at ChurnZero have the same email, the first contact mapped will maintain the link with Skilljar. ChurnZero will not support the bi-directional syncing of data for contacts since the bi-directional syncing is reserved for the main CRM integration. Custom filters can be set up to limit the set of Contacts that are sent to Skilljar.

  • Default sync interval for Contacts is every 15 minutes. Every 15 minutes new contacts are scanned for provisioning and once a day a full scan is performed that may remove students that no longer meet the provided filter.

  • Skilljar Record syncing. Skilljar records are related to contacts in ChurnZero based on the Skilljar record syncing. Skilljar records are related to contacts in ChurnZero based on the provisioning that has been done prior where a ChurnZero Contact is linked to a Skilljar Student. Any Skilljar record that can't be linked with a ChurnZero Contact is dropped. Records flow from Skilljar to ChurnZero as they happen. A consequence of this is that if new fields of the record are added to the custom table at ChurnZero the new field will only be populated going forward.

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