Previewing Your Training Site on Linkedin

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When your training site web address (URL) is shared in a LinkedIn post, your company logo will display alongside it. You can review how your company logo will appear on the site by using LinkedIn’s LinkedIn’s Post Inspector

Using LinkedIn’s Post Inspector

LinkedIn’s Post Inspector can be found at and is a great way to see if your logo is formatted correctly when it appears in a post. Additionally, this tool clears LinkedIn’s cache for image URLS meaning you can see exactly what the URL preview will look like before posting to LinkedIn.

Simply paste your training site’s URL into the text box and select Inspect. You will be taken to a page showing a preview of your company logo, along with other information, such as the metadata gathered from the URL you used. 



Managing Your Company Logo on your Training Site

LinkedIn uses the open graph image within your training site’s source code to display your company logo within a post in a 1280x720 image format. The open graph image is generated using the tile image from your training site’s catalog home page. You can manage your catalog page tile image within the Domain and Catalog Page settings of your Skilljar dashboard

Learn more about catalog page tile images, including how to upload one at Create and Edit Catalog Pages.

Important: If your catalog home page doesn't have a tile image, LinkedIn will use the company logo from your theme header, which may cause it to appear cropped. To make sure your company logo matches the correct pixel size on the LinkedIn page, it's essential to upload a 1280x720-sized tile image to your catalog home page.


Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 2.54.52 PM.png

How to Gather the Open Graph Image URL

To find the open graph image URL and preview it in LinkedIn Page Inspector: 

  1. Go to your training site. 
  2. Right-click anywhere on the main page, and select View Page Source to open the source code.

  3. Open the search by selecting Ctrl+F/Command+F on your keyboard and type in og: image to be taken to the section of code containing your image URL. It will say “og: image content” followed by the URL of your image.

  4. Copy the URL of the image.
    • Note: You can check if it’s the correct image by pasting the URL into a browser window. 
  5. Go to LinkedIn’s page Inspector within your web browser at
  6. Paste the image URL from above into the text box and select Inspect.

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