Group-Based Discounts

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Use the group-based discount tool in the Groups section of your Skilljar dashboard to offer special prices on your training content to certain learner groups, such as partners and those entitled to certification discounts, giving you more control over your pricing strategies.

The discount tool allows dashboard administrators to reduce the cost of all purchasable objects and courses by a custom percentage and automatically applies the discount to the purchase price and training credits price for all eligible learners within the group.

To learn more about groups, see Create and Manage Groups

How to Add Purchase Discount to a Group

To get started, access the Groups section from your Skilljar dashboard. 

  1. Select Groups from the home page or the navigation bar on the left. 
  2. On the groups page, find the group you want to modify from the list and select the pencil icon under Edit Rules.

  3. On the group’s rule page, scroll down to the Discount section and select Define Group Discount Price.

  4. Type in the discount percentage in the Percent Off field. For example, to offer a 20% discount to this group, enter “20.”

    • Note: The field defaults at 0% and only accepts positive integers (1% or more). If the discount calculation results in a fractional amount, the system will round up to the nearest unit, ensuring fairness in pricing.
  5. When you’re finished, select Save

The discount will now be automatically applied to both the purchase price and training credits for all eligible learners in the group. You can track and report discounts via the Order Report section of your Skilljar dashboard. 

Note: Changes in group membership during the purchasing process might affect the discount applied.

Learner Experience

When a learner purchases your discounted content, they’ll see the discount as a separate line item on the checkout page, making it clear how much they are saving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a learner is part of two groups with different discounts? 

If a learner is part of multiple groups with different discounts, they will automatically receive the higher of the two discounts. For example, if one group is receiving a 10% discount and the other group is at 20%, the learner will receive the 20% discount.

Can a promo code be used with a group discount?

Yes, a promo code can be used alongside the group discount. If a promo code is used alongside the discount, the discount is applied first, followed by the promo code. For example, with a group discount of 25% and a promo code of 50%, the total discount will be calculated sequentially on the course price. For example, if there is a $100 course, a group 25% discount would make it $75. If the learner then applies a 50% promo code, the course would be priced at  $37.50 If a learner uses a fixed price promo code, it will override the discount percentage and make the course that price. The only exception to this is if the promo code results in a higher overall price in which case when the learner enters the promo code they will get an error: “Invalid code - this will result in a higher purchase price”

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