Enabling Course Recommendations

by Colty Harrison

If you have many courses and would like to promote course discovery for your students, you can do this with Course Recommendations. To enable this, head to the Domains and Publishing settings and click the pencil to edit Catalog settings.

Course Recommendations can be made in the Course Series section. Click the New Course Series dropdown and select 'Recommendation'.

On the next page you can set up your recommend courses series in the same way you would set up a regular course series (Check out this article for more detail on how to do that). Instead of adding courses to this series manually, Skilljar will automatically populate this series for a student based on most popular courses and what courses similar students have also enrolled in (similar to Amazon.com's 'Customers who bought this item also bought' section).

At the bottom of the page, you can adjust the settings for how the recommended courses will be displayed.


Because the recommended courses are algorithmically generated, you can adjust the threshold for how many courses must be calculated for the recommended course series to be displayed on the catalog page.

You can also set the maximum number of courses that will be shown to a student.

Once you have finished configuring the settings for your recommended courses series, hit Save. Any 'Recommendation' course series will be signified by the (R) next to the title on the Catalog settings page. To make sure it is added to the course catalog, drag and drop the series from the left to the right.

The series will now display on the catalog page.

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