Creating a Certificate for a Catalog Page

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Skilljar has made it easy to provide certificates to students upon completion of a course. However, often times instructors want to offer certification for a collection of courses. This article explains how to attach a certificate to a catalog page. 


In order to deliver a catalog page certification, you'll need to first attach the certificate to the last course on the page. 

Leveraging Skilljar's course prerequisites feature, students will be required to complete the entire group of courses, culminating in the last course. Once the final course is successfully completed, students will receive the certificate.

Establishing Course Prerequisites

Instructors have two options for establishing course prerequisites for a catalog page certification:

  1. Having students register for and successfully complete all courses in order before receiving a certificate
  2. Allowing students to register for and complete necessary courses in any order before receiving a certificate

If students should be taking courses in a specific order, you'll want to establish prerequisites for each course individually. That is, Course #1 will be a prerequisite for Course #2; Course #2 will be a prerequisite for Course #3, etc. 

Alternatively, if students will be allowed to complete courses in any order, you'll want to establish prerequisites only for the final course. In this case, all previous courses will act as prerequisites for the final course. For example, if there are four courses in a catalog page, where Course #4 has a certificate attached, Course #1, Course #2, and Course #3 will all be listed as prerequisites for Course #4.

To learn more about setting up prerequisites, take a look at our Help Center article here.

Once your prerequisite rules have been established, students will be able to take all courses in a catalog page and receive a certificate of completion after finishing the final course within the page. 


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