Enabling Automatic Course Time Display

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This article reviews how to enable the display of an automatically calculated total course time on the Course Detail page. When enabled, Course Time will also display on the course tile within your Course Catalog.

**Please note that this feature is dependent upon the individual lesson times already being added for each lesson in the course. The lesson time can be updated under the Settings section of each lesson.

After navigating to Course Management and selecting to edit your course, expand the Settings tab. Within Settings you'll find a section titled Course Time:


  1. Select "Display course and lesson times"
  2. Choose your preferred Display Format. The options are shown here:


  3. Select Save, then Preview Course Detail Page if you wish to preview what the changes look like before navigating away from the page

Additionally, if you prefer to overwrite the automatically calculated display time with your own timestamp, you can do so by selecting the "Manual course time override" option shown below:


Once your settings are saved, you'll be able to see the total course time display on the Course Detail page, and on the course tile:



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