Enable Lesson Description Tooltips

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Enable lesson-level tooltips that display helpful text whenever a learner hovers over a lesson title on your Course Detail page. This article explains how to set up description tooltips for your course lessons.



Setup Tooltips

  1. Open your Skilljar dashboard and select Course Management, or expand the Course Management header on the left and select Courses.
  2. Find and select the course with the lesson you want to edit.
  3. Select the lesson you wish to edit and expand the Settings header. 
  4. Within the lesson Settings you'll find the Tooltip description box:


  5. Using the text box, enter the description you'd like to be displayed on the tooltip. The text editor toolbar can also be used to format the text in a variety of ways:

  6. Once you've entered and formatted your text, select Save Lesson.


  • For courses where there is either a Live Training Event or an About This Course section, the tooltip will display to the left of the lesson.
  • If the course doesn't have a Live Training Event or an About This Course section, the tooltip will display above the lesson.
  • Tooltips will not currently display on mobile devices

Displaying Tooltips for Sections

Tooltips can also be displayed for Sections, by updating the text box on a section in the Course Editing area of your dashboard. 



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