Enabling Lesson Description Tooltips

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Skilljar content creators now have the ability to enable lesson-level tooltips which display when a student hovers over a lesson title on the Course Detail page. This article explains how to set up description tooltips for your course lessons.



  1. Within Course Management>Edit Course, navigate to the lesson that you wish to edit.
  2. Within the lesson Settings you'll find the Tooltip description box:


3. Using the text box, enter in the description you'd like to be displayed on the tooltip. The text editor toolbar can also be used to format the text in a variety of ways:


4. Once you've entered in and formatted your text, Save the lesson.

Please note the following:

  • For courses where there is either a VILT event or an About This Course section, the tooltip will display to the left of the lesson.
  • If the course does not have a VILT event or an About This Course section, the tooltip will display above the lesson.
  • Tooltips will not currently display on mobile devices

Displaying Tooltips for Sections

Tooltips can also be displayed for Sections, by updating the text box on a section in the Course Editing area of your dashboard. 



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