Salesforce: Viewing Skilljar Data in Salesforce

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Many Skilljar customers strive to achieve a single holistic view of their training programs across multiple platforms and tools. Salesforce CRM is one such platform used by companies to measure the efficacy of their onboarding and training programs by marrying Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, and Support data all in one system.

With Skilljar's Salesforce integration we've made the process of sending student interaction data to Salesforce seamless for our customers. This article provides an overview of the data available with this integration, and how it displays in Salesforce once configured. 

  • Note: Every implementation of Salesforce varies greatly from company to company. The examples shown in this article reflect Skilljar's own environment for demo purposes. Your organization's implementation may differ from what is displayed below. 

Your Salesforce admin can install Salesforce Example Reports Managed Package which will create some example reports and custom report types to begin interacting with Skilljar data


Skilljar's Salesforce integration offers a comprehensive list of custom objects within Salesforce. The data associated with these objects can be appended to an existing Salesforce record, or used to create a new record if one doesn't already exist. All fields are updated in real-time, and include:

  • Skilljar Student (with a Skilljar ID and email address)
  • Published Courses (with URL, domain, and title)
  • Purchase information (Price, Currency, Promo Code)
  • Enrolled At timestamp
  • Latest Activity timestamp
  • Number of completed lessons
  • Number of total lessons in the course
  • Completed At timestamp
  • Success Status (Passed or Failed)
  • Course Score
  • Maximum Course Score
  • Credits Earned
  • Credit Units (e.g. Points, Hours)
  • Certificate URL
  • Certificate Code

(See a full detailed list of all custom objects and their fields here)

Once you have successfully downloaded the Salesforce AppExchange app and authenticated your account within Skilljar (Learn more about the integration process), new enrollments, course progress, or any other data captured by our integration should begin flowing immediately into Salesforce.

To help organize this data, there are five tabs that can be displayed within Salesforce:

  1. Students
  2. Enrollments
  3. Published Courses
  4. Course Progress
  5. Signup Fields


We'll now take a look at the information displayed within each tab. 


The Students tab is where you can find the full list of students who have accessed your training within Skilljar. Note that a user will only show up in Salesforce (and thus, the Students tab) once they have had some sort of activity within Skilljar, such as a course enrollment or lesson completion.


Upon selecting a Student from the above list, you'll be brought to that user's individual Student record where you can find the following information:

  • Basic student details 
  • List of Course Enrollments
  • Any existing Course Progress records
  • Signup Fields and their values for the individual 


Similar to the Students tab, the Enrollments tab displays a list of individual student enrollments, including the enrollment date and any applicable enrollment expiration:

Selecting an enrollment record brings you to its Enrollment Detail page which provides additional context around that registration event, as shown below:

When courses are purchased or have a promo code applied, this information will also display on the enrollment record in their corresponding custom fields (shown above).

Course Progress

Moving further down the Student detail record will show all available Course Progress data for the user at a high level. This includes:

  • Course Name
  • Enrollment Date
  • Completed Lesson Count
  • Total Lesson Count
  • Completion date (if applicable)
  • Success Status (if applicable)

Selecting a Course Progress record will bring you to a new page with even more detail on that particular record, as shown below:

Admins also have the ability to view all Course Progress records under the main Course Progress tab:

Signup Fields 

Customers leveraging signup fields within Skilljar are also able to pass those signup fields and corresponding values to Salesforce. Viewing the Signup Fields tab will also display the list of values passed over from Skilljar, as shown below:

Published Courses

Finally, the Published Courses tab provides a full list of all courses that have been published in your Skilljar instance. Note that courses that have yet to be published will not show up in this list within Salesforce.

Selecting a course title will open up the Published Course detail page, as shown below:


The last piece for most customers leveraging Skilljar data in Salesforce is to create custom reporting. To create new Salesforce reports based on Skilljar data, please reference these additional resources:

  1. Salesforce Integration: Allow Reports
  2. Salesforce Integration: Creating a Custom Report Type
  3. Salesforce Integration: Creating a New Report 

Deleting Data

To maintain data consistency between Skilljar and Salesforce, we delete data in Salesforce when objects are permanently deleted in Skilljar. This applies to the following objects in Salesforce: Published Course, Course, Course Progress, Lesson, Lesson Progress, Student, Group, Group Membership, Enrollment, VILT Sessions, VILT Session Events, VILT Sessions, Published course tags, Course Series published course and Offers.

This means that when an admin deletes a course or VILT event in Skilljar, we delete the course, published course, all its lessons, any VILT session events, VILT sessions, and all the associated Student data (registrations, completions, course progress, lesson progress, VILT session registrations) in Skilljar and Salesforce to ensure consistency between the two platforms.

Please note that unpublishing a course is not considered a deletion.

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