Enrolling Students into Live Training Events Automatically

by Hong Chau

Skilljar’s Live Training feature allows learners to sign up for virtual and in-person events hosted by our customers. Additionally, our integrations with WebEx and GoToTraining make the user’s experience effortless from browsing course offerings, purchasing seats, and launching virtual meetings.

Follow these steps to automate the Live Training student experience for: 

  • A single course
  • 1 or more Live Training Lessons
  • 1 single Live Training Event

Course Management > Course Details Settings

  • From the Course Settings, enable the “Enroll in single event Live Training lessons” option under Registration Actions.**


New Lesson > Live Training Lesson Settings (optional)

  • Create a new Live Training Lesson type.
  • From the lesson Settings, select “Show on detail page” to show the available seats from the Course Detail page.


New Live Event >> set Total Seats (optional)

  • Create a Live Event for the live training lesson.
  • Enter a number to limit the total seats for the event.


Set a Price - Purchase Publish Settings (optional)

  • From Domains & Publishing, set a price for the course.
  • Set a Maximum Checkout Quantity to limit how many seats a single user may purchase.
  • Enable “Live Training - limit checkout quantity based on available seats?”


User Experience

  • After setting the Live Training lesson settings, the seats available will display on the Course Detail page.
  • When purchasing a course, the quantity will update to reflect max purchases, as well as seats available.

** Note: This setting will not work if a course has multiple events in a live training lesson

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