Archiving Courses


Learn more around the best practices for refreshing your training catalog. There are a few options in terms of removing or reorganizing content on the main course catalog based on your program's preferences. 

Before archiving courses, determine whether your organization wants to:

  1. Retain student enrollment history on a student's profile
  2. Retain student access to archived courses from a student's profile

Update Registration Button

From Domains & Publishing, click on a course and update the Advanced Course Registration settings to "Closed for new registrations". This will allow existing students to login and access the old course content from their Student Profile page. 


Update Catalog Visibility

Another option includes updating the catalog visibility. If you wish to allow students to retain access to this old course content, remove the course from the "Visible" column under the Catalog Visibility settings. 


Unpublish a Course

If you wish to remove all access, unpublish the course completely from Domains & Publishing. This will remove the course enrollment from the Student Profile, while maintaining student data from the Dashboard.

Contact your CSM ( if you want to also maintain course enrollment history on the Student Profile.


Rename Courses

When removing or archiving courses, it's best to rename the courses from Course Management to indicate whether a course is outdated or archived. If a course is deleted from Course Management, all associated student data is also removed from Analytics. rename-archived.png


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