Configuring Skilljar for GDPR Alignment

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You can configure your Skilljar training site to align with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This article provides common practices you can use to manage your training site for GDPR compliance and is meant for Skilljar administrators (Subscribers). Contact Skilljar Support for further assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not legal advice, please consult your company counsel for specific recommendations.

Accepting Terms and Conditions

In some instances, you may require training users (Students) to accept specific Terms and Conditions related to training and to provide their consent for sharing data with you. You can configure this during sign-up by using a required student signup field (Checkbox type). The student must accept these to continue, and Skilljar also maintains a record that the checkbox was accepted. From a visual perspective, this can either link to an external Terms and Conditions page, or be shown in a pop-up. For further information, see Adding Custom Sign-Up Fields to the Registration Form.

As every organization has different needs, you are responsible for providing your own language for user (student) consent.

Footer Links

You can add persistent footer links to assist with the transparency and notice requirements of the GDPR. For example, you can provide persistent footer links to your privacy policy or terms and conditions page. Please contact Skilljar Support to configure these links with the following for each link:

  • Training domain (
  • Link text (Privacy Policy)
  • Link destination (

Announcement Email Opt-Out

Students will continue to have the ability to opt out of receiving email announcements about their courses. This unsubscribe functionality is available in every announcement email, as well as the student’s My Profile area.

You also have the ability to configure student transactional emails, such as registration and completion confirmation emails, including on a per-course basis. For further information, see Managing Course Registration and Completion Email Notifications.

Student Data Subject Requests

Skilljar processes student data as required contractually by our clients (Subscribers). Most requests related to student data are self-service, however, in some cases (such as deletion) Skilljar intervention may be required and need to be approved by our Subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding student data subject requests.


Skilljar Response

  • What data can Students access about themselves?
  1. View: Self-service. Students can view their data through My Profile and in the training courses themselves.
  2. Edit: Students should contact the Subscriber (Skilljar admin) for changes to data (such as issuance of a certificate).
  3. Export: Students should contact the Subscriber (Skilljar admin) for export.
  4. Delete: Students should contact the Subscriber (Skilljar admin) for deletion requests.
  • How should Data Subject requests be communicated to Skilljar?

A Skilljar administrator should contact Skilljar Support with the request and supporting information.

  • Please provide examples of the format of Data Subject request results/confirmation for each of the categories: View, Edit, and Delete requests

Data Subject Requests:

  1. View: Self-service. Data subjects can view all of their own data, and Subscribers can view all student data from within the “Students” tab of the Skilljar Dashboard
  2. Edit: Self-service. All student lesson progress can be edited in the dashboard. For other requests, a Skilljar administrator should contact Skilljar Support, along with supporting information to confirm it is a valid request
  3. Export: Self-service. A Skilljar administrator is able to export data in response to a data subject request
  4. Delete: A Skilljar administrator should contact Skilljar Support, along with supporting information to confirm it is a valid request
  • What is the timeline for compliance of Data Subject requests?

Skilljar’s policy is to comply with the Data Subject request within 10 calendar days. Confirmation will consist of an email response back to the requestor that the data has been updated or deleted as appropriate. Customers will be able to confirm via the “Students” tab of the Skilljar Dashboard that the data has been updated or deleted.

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