Embed a Published Google Doc into a Lesson

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Embed and turn a published Google Doc into a lesson. Learners will be able to see your lesson content within the Google Doc, which will look similar to a text lesson.

Note: Learners won't be able to edit the Google Doc.

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Get the Google Doc embeddable link

Note: The below steps are performed in Google Docs and may differ slightly. For questions regarding Google Docs, please visit the Google help center

  1. On the Google Doc in your Google Drive, select File on the toolbar.
  2. Select Publish to the web …
  3. Select the Link tab in the dialogue box.
  4. Adjust the “Published content & settings” functionality
    1. Select or deselect Require viewers to sign in with their account.
    2. Select or deselect Automatically republish when changes are made.
  5. Select Publish. A dialogue box appears that says, “Google Drive: Are you sure you want to publish this selection?”
  6. Select OK.
  7. Right-click and select Copy in the dropdown. The URL is copied to your clipboard. 

Note: To embed a Google Doc in Skilljar successfully, use the Published Link method outlined above. Copying the browser URL or using the default Share button will result in an error in the Skilljar lesson.



Embed a Google Doc into a lesson

  1. Open your Skilljar dashboard and select Course Management, or expand the Course Management header on the left and select Courses
  2. Find and select the course you want to add the Google Doc lesson to. 
  3. Select the Curriculum tab and then select New Lesson.
  4. On the flyout screen, select Files or Web Content


  5. In the “Content” section, select Embed Link.
  6. From the “Type” dropdown menu, select Google Doc.


  7. In the “Url” field, paste the published link to the Google Doc.
    • Optional: Check the box if you want the Google Doc lesson to be a free preview on your course detail page.
  8. Select Save.
  9. When you're finished, select Save Lesson.

Note: The content type may populate, if recognizable, and save automatically. You will still need to select Save Lesson to save your changes.



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