Embedding a Google Doc into a Lesson

by Lillian Wallace

You can embed a Google Doc into a Skilljar lesson. This article will walk you through uploading that content.

  1. Copy the Google Doc link:
    • Click File, then select "Publish to the web"


    • Select the Link tab. Before publishing, decide if you want to require users to be signed in to view the document. Click Publish.second_step.jpg
    • You will now have a link to embed into Skilljar.
    • Note: to correctly embed a Google doc, use this Published Link method. Copying the browser URL or using the default Share button will result in an error. last_step.jpg
  1. In Skilljar:


    • In the course, click Curriculum:


    • Click New Lesson and select "Video, PDF, Audio or Embed": 


    • In the Content section, select the "Embed Link" tab option.
    • Paste the link you copied earlier from your Google Doc. It will automatically detect the type and upload your content: 


3. Click Save Lesson 

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