Customizing Text and Translations on the Languages Page

by Gregor Richardson

Your Skilljar Dashboard allows you to customize the translation of individual text strings throughout your domain. Changes within your Language Packs page will only effect the hard-coded strings throughout your training site - this won't make any changes to your Course or Lesson content. This article describes each grouping of strings and the pages they correspond to. The full list of customizable strings can be found at or by navigating to Theming > Languages.

If there is custom CSS within Theming, that will override any changes made within the Languages page.

Note: Changes on the language page will instantly update your training portal. If you'd like to add Language Packs to your Skilljar training portals, contact our Account Management team.  



In addition to plain text, you can add the following HTML tags to the Override Text field to style the replaced base text.

  1. <strong>
  2. <b>
  3. <i>
  4. <em>
  5. <br/>

Targeted Pages


Description: Account creation for users invited to the platform via Skilljar Dashboard.
Example URL:
Notes: Base Text for text input fields are found in “Sign Up Page” section

Catalog Page

Description: Domain landing page which houses all courses published to a specific domain.
Example URL:

Courses and Lessons

Description: Overview and detail pages for all lessons and courses on a domain.
Example URL: 


Description: Displays order details prior to purchase.
Example URL:

Purchasing & Ordering

Description: Purchase Checkout page.
Example URL:

Sign In / Sign Up

Description: Account creation and sign in.
Example URL: 

Student Profile

Description: Edit account information and view course registration history.
Example URL:

For additional assistance, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, Implementation Manager, or


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