Getting Started with the Zoom Live Training Integration

by Crystal Inniss

Learn how to integrate your Zoom accounts with Skilljar and how to create live training events within courses. 

Linking Your Zoom Accounts with Skilljar

To begin your integration, you’ll need to have Zoom login information for each instructor you'd like to link to your Skilljar account. 

  1. Log into the Skilljar Dashboard Zoom page: Here you will link each of your instructor's Zoom accounts with Skilljar. 
  2. Click on the Add Instructor button. You'll be redirected to Zoom and prompted to enter your Zoom user name and password.
    • If you're already logged in, you will be asked to allow Skilljar to access your Zoom account. Click Approve. If you are not an Admin on your Zoom account, you will likely need to request pre-approval from your company's Zoom Admin. 


  • *Note: Instructor Name is managed in the profile settings of your Zoom account.
  1. You'll receive a confirmation that your Zoom instructor account was connected to Skilljar. Screen_Shot_2018-10-22_at_5.55.33_PM.png
  2. To add additional instructors, click the “Logout of Zoom” button in Skilljar and repeat steps 1 through 3.

    • Important: If your Zoom password changes, you will need to re-authenticate the Zoom account within Skilljar. You can re-authenticate your Zoom account by removing the Instructor and repeating steps 1 through 3.

Your Zoom account(s) should now be connected and you're ready to begin creating Zoom events from within Skilljar.

* Note on the different Zoom account types:

  • Skilljar differentiates between Basic, Pro, and Corporate Zoom accounts. For meetings scheduled on a Basic account, student registrations and attendance will not be recorded or available within Zoom. However, this information will be available within Skilljar. For all account types, Skilljar will track attendance when a student clicks the "Launch Zoom Event" button on the live event lesson page.


* Note on tracking attendance: 

  • Skilljar will not be able to track attendance unless the student accesses the Zoom event from the Skilljar lesson page. 


Creating a Zoom Live Training Event in a Course

Once you’ve linked your Zoom account to Skilljar, you can begin creating events from within the Course Management section of the Dashboard. 

To create a Live Training lesson:

  1. Navigate to Course Management
  2. Select the course in which you want to provide a live training
  3. Select "New lesson" and choose: Live Training
  4. Input your lesson details and click "Save"
  5. Click "New event" and select Zoom, then input the event name, location, start and end times, available seats, instructor name and description.


  6. The Location field will take freeform entry with "New Location Name" and it will present a dropdown with previously entered locations that have been used in past events:
  7. The Instructor field will take freeform entry with "instructor name <email address>" and it will present a dropdown with previously entered names or Instructors available from your authenticated Zoom account:


  8. Click "Save"
  9. Optional: If you want to show a specific Live Training lesson's event date/times on your Course Detail page (seen to user pre-registration), scroll down to expand settings, check "Show on Detail Page" and "Save Lesson." See below for how this appears to users.


The steps above create one Live Training lesson event on your specified date and time. You can repeat steps 5 and 6 to add additional dates or times for the same lesson content, if you are offering the live training at multiple days/times. 

Note on seat limit:

  • If you create your Zoom Live Training Event in Skilljar and your students access the event through Skilljar, the Skilljar total seat limit will be respected. If you create the Zoom Live Training Event outside of Skilljar and your students access the Zoom event outside of Skilljar, the Skilljar seat limit will not be respected.
  • If you create a Zoom Live Training Event that has a seat limit set within Zoom, that seat limit will need to match what's entered into Skilljar (i.e. if the seat limit in Zoom is set to 100 and you attempt to enter 101 into Skilljar, you'll run into an error message).

Note on Removing Scheduled Events:

  • In the event that you need to remove a Live Training Event from Skilljar, please be sure to remove that event from Skilljar directly via the Live Training dashboard, as opposed to from within Zoom.

Note on Email Notifications:

  • For Zoom Meetings, you can disable registration confirmation emails sent from Zoom at the individual meeting level.
    • Log in to From My Meetings, select the event and click Edit this meeting. Uncheck the option for "Registration: Required" and Save. Screen_Shot_2018-10-22_at_6.35.00_PM.png
    • Additionally, from the Event details page, you can disable the "Confirmation Email to Registrants" from the Email Settings. From My Meetings, select the Event. Scroll down to the Email Settings section and click the "Edit" option for the Confirmation Email to Registrants. Uncheck "Send Confirmation Email to Registrants" and click Save.Screen_Shot_2018-10-22_at_6.30.33_PM.png
  • For Zoom Webinars, you can disable registration confirmation emails at the Zoom account level by visiting: Webinar Settings when logged in. Select the "Webinar Settings" from left nav panel in your Zoom account. Scroll to the Email Settings section and click "Edit" to disable Confirmation Email to Registrants. Screen_Shot_2018-10-22_at_6.39.08_PM.png
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