Zoom: Getting Started with the Zoom Live Training Integration

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Zoom is a third-party video conferencing program that can be used alongside your Skilljar Dashboard to host Live Training Events and conferences. You can read more about the Zoom platform, such as how to create an account, plans, and general support on Zoom's website

In this article, we'll walk you through how to integrate your Zoom accounts with Skilljar, create Live Training Events within courses, as well as other common Zoom errors and troubleshooting.

Learn more about Live Training at Managing Live Training.

  • Note: This article covers general issues concerning Zoom's integration with the Skilljar platform. For more specific issues related to the Zoom app itself visit the Zoom help center site.
  • Setup can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. This does not include potential troubleshooting.

Linking Your Zoom Accounts with Skilljar

To begin your integration, you’ll first need a Zoom account and have the Zoom login information for each instructor you'd like to link to your Skilljar account. Contact your Zoom administrator, or create an account via the Zoom website. 

To link your accounts with Skilljar, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Zoom setting page of your Skillboard Dashboard. Here you can link each of your instructor's Zoom accounts with Skilljar. 

2. Select the Add Instructor button. You'll be redirected to Zoom and asked to enter your Zoom username and password. 

3. When asked to allow Skilljar access to your account, select Approve. If you are not an Admin on your Zoom account, you may need to request pre-approval from your organization's Zoom Admin. 


  • Note: Instructor Name is managed in the profile settings of your Zoom account.

4. You'll receive a confirmation that your Zoom instructor account was connected to Skilljar on the Zoom settings page under the Instructors heading within your Skillboard Dashboard. 


5. To add additional instructors, select the Logout of Zoom button and repeat the above steps.

    • Note: If your Zoom password changes, you'll need to re-authenticate the Zoom account within Skilljar. You can re-authenticate your Zoom account by removing the Instructor and repeating the above steps.

Your Zoom account(s) should now be connected and you're ready to begin creating Zoom events from within Skilljar.

* Note on the Zoom integration:

  • All live event details must be managed through your Skilljar dashboard, rather than through Zoom. If you make changes to the event in Zoom, such as meeting type or instructor, they won't be reflected in Skilljar and will cause errors with the event. 

* Note on the different Zoom account types:

  • Skilljar differentiates between Basic, Pro, and Corporate Zoom accounts. For meetings scheduled on a Basic account, student registrations and attendance won't be recorded or available within Zoom. However, this information will be available within Skilljar. For all account types, Skilljar will track attendance when a student selects the "Launch Zoom Event" button on the live event lesson page.


* Notes on tracking attendance: 

  • By default, students can only launch the event three minutes or less before the event's listed start time. If you want to adjust this window and allow students to launch the event earlier than three minutes before the start time, please contact support@skilljar.com.
  • Skilljar can't track attendance unless the student accesses the Zoom event from the Skilljar lesson page (by selecting the Launch Event button). 



* Notes on Zoom webinars

When you create a Zoom webinar, the Registration option box within your settings in Zoom must always be selected and is done so as default. If you want to use Zoom webinars without the Registration Required box checked, you can also take advantage of Universal Join Link for Live Event Lessons (VILT), which you can add to your calendar event. 


* Notes on using the same Zoom instructor in multiple Skilljar Organizations

If the same instructor is authenticated in multiple Skilljar Organizations, you may run into API issues due to how the instructor is authenticated to zoom. If you are having trouble creating events, or handling registrations for a specific instructor, this can usually be resolved by re-authenitcating that instructor on the affected organization.

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Creating a Zoom Live Training Event in a Course

Once you’ve linked your Zoom account to Skilljar, you can begin creating events from within the Course Management section of the Dashboard. 

To create a Live Training lesson:

  1. Go to Course Management within your Skilljar dashboard.
  2. Select the course you want to provide live training.
  3. Select New Lesson and choose Live Training.
  4. Enter your lesson details and select Save.
  5. Select New Event and then Zoom 

  6. Enter the event name, location, start and end times, available seats, instructor name, and event description.
      • Note: The Instructor name field allows you to enter any instructor name <email address>. If a name has been used previously, you can automatically choose it from the drop-down box.


  7. Select Save
  8. Optional: If you want to show a specific Live Training lesson's event date/times on your Course Detail page, scroll down to expand settings, select the Show on Detail Page box, and Save Lesson

You can now add multiple occurrences of your event, and when saved, will all be unique training events on the same lesson. To learn how to manage, clone, and edit your events, visit Managing Live Training Events.

  • Note - These events are NOT related after they are created. Each event created this way is independent and the lesson will complete when the student attends any of the events on this lesson.



Changing the Instructor on a Zoom Live Event

The Skilljar Platform now allows its dashboard Admins to update the Zoom Instructor on the Live Event page. The update the Instructor, follow these steps :

  1. Go to Course Management on your Skillboard dashboard
  2. Select the course with the existing Live Training Event that you want to update
  3. Open the Live Training Lesson and select the edit icon for the event you are looking to update
  4. Scroll down to the instructor dropdown, and adjust as needed
  5. Select Save Lesson.
    • Note: We recommend changing the instructor on an event before removing the previous instructor from the Zoom integration.


As of July 13, 2021, Skilljar has disabled all Zoom registration confirmations, registration cancellation notifications, event update notifications, and cancellation notification emails through our integration with Zoom. Zoom will still be able to send webinar reminders to students if this is enabled through Zoom.
If you prefer to use Zoom emails, please contact support@skilljar.com and we'll enable them for you.

What emails will my students receive when a Zoom instructor is changed or updated? 

When the instructor is changed on the event, we create a new Zoom event with the new instructor as host and the new start time as the start time of the event. Skilljar doesn't send a notification to the registrants that the instructor has changed. When the time of the event changes, Skilljar will send email notifications to the registrants.

What happens when the authenticated Zoom account isn’t active anymore. For example, because the instructor has left the company?

If a Zoom instructor is removed solely from your Zoom instance (not in Skilljar), the admin experience will change, preventing you from being able to delete the Zoom event associated with this deleted instructor or removing attendees from a past/present/future event from the Live Event Roll Call page associated with that Zoom instructor. 

  • Note: If you know a Zoom instructor is leaving soon, be sure to update the instructor in Skilljar before deleting their Zoom account.

Will Skilljar notify instructors when they're added to a Live Training Lesson? 

You can enable these notifications within your Lesson Settings by selecting the Email Instructor When Added to Event box (which is enabled by default). This will send a notification to Instructors letting them know that they have been added to a Live Training Event or if any changes are made to that event. 


  1. Go to Course Management within your Skilljar Dashboard
  2. Select your Course 
  3. Select the Curriculum and Live Training Lesson
  4. Select Lesson Settings
  5. Check the Email Instructor When Added to Event And For Event Updates
  6. Save Lesson.

Updating Zoom Account Settings

You can manage your Zoom account settings via the Zoom app. To read more, visit Zoom's help center article: Changing Account Settings

Passwords for Meetings and Webinars

Zoom users can enable passwords for participants on a meeting-by-meeting basis at the account, group, and user level. This setting is enabled by default. 

Users who join meetings manually by entering in the meeting ID will need to enter the password when joining a meeting. The "require password for participants" setting will apply to newly scheduled meetings and instant meetings. Please note: this will not apply to any meetings previously scheduled through the Skilljar Integration.

Seat Limits

If you create your Zoom Live Training Event in Skilljar, seat limits are only counted if students access it through Skilljar. If you create the Zoom Live Training Event outside of Skilljar and your students access the Zoom event outside of Skilljar, the Skilljar seat limit will not be respected.

If you create a Zoom Live Training Event that has a seat limit set within Zoom, that seat limit will need to match what's entered into Skilljar (for example? if the seat limit in Zoom is set to 100 and you attempt to enter 101 into Skilljar, you'll receive an error message).

Removing Scheduled Events:

If you need to remove a Live Training Event from Skilljar, please be sure to remove it from Skilljar directly via the Live Training dashboard, as opposed to from within Zoom.

If you are using Zoom emails (please note, this is not set as default through Skilljar's Zoom integration), you can make specific changes to the emails Zoom sends by following the below recommendations.

  • For Zoom Meetings, you can disable registration confirmation emails sent from Zoom at the individual meeting level.
    • Log in to Zoom.us. From My Meetings, select the event and then Edit this meeting. Uncheck the option for "Registration: Required" and Save. Screen_Shot_2018-10-22_at_6.35.00_PM.png
    • Additionally, from the Event details page, you can disable the "Confirmation Email to Registrants" from the Email Settings. From My Meetings, select the Event. Scroll down to the Email Settings section and click the "Edit" option for the Confirmation Email to Registrants. Uncheck "Send Confirmation Email to Registrants" and click Save.Screen_Shot_2018-10-22_at_6.30.33_PM.png
  • For Zoom Webinars, you can disable registration confirmation emails at the Zoom account level by visiting: Webinar Settings when logged in. Select the "Webinar Settings" from left nav panel in your Zoom account. Scroll to the Email Settings section and click "Edit" to disable Confirmation Email to Registrants. Screen_Shot_2018-10-22_at_6.39.08_PM.png

Common Zoom errors and Troubleshooting 

Testing your Zoom account authentication

If you're running into any errors while managing your Zoom Live Training Events, you can test your Zoom account authentication as a first troubleshooting step.

  1. Go to your Zoom Settings Page in your Skilljar dashboard
  2. Select the WiFi icon under the Test Connection next header


This will open a dialog box with a status message.

  • If you receive a "Connection Unsuccessful" message, delete that instructor account, then re-add that account by following the steps on the Zoom Settings Page.
  • If the dialog message is "Connection Successful", feel free to reach out to Skilljar Product Support with screenshots of any error messages you're running into in the dashboard.

There was a problem registering for the event. If the problem persists contact your administrator / There was a problem registering

This is a generic error that you may see on your course platform due to a failed registration. You can find more specific information about the error via your Skilljar dashboard, where you can also register the student manually. To find out how to add a user, see Manually Adding and Removing Users to Live Training

You have exceeded the daily rate limit (3) of Meeting Batch Registration API requests permitted for (xxx@xxx.com) this particular registrant. You may resume these requests at GMT 00:00:00.

Zoom has a limit on the number of API created/updated meetings per organization per day.

If you exceed this limit, you may receive this error on your Skilljar dashboard and won't be able to create more meetings until the next calendar day. This is a limit on Zoom's API and not something that can be controlled by Skilljar at this point.

To raise your organization's daily limit, your Zoom account manager should contact Zoom support. 

The parameter is required: country

This error usually occurs within your Skilljar dashboard due to a custom field within your registration requirements. You may see this error in your course platform: 

zoom_webinar_add_registration_error user_id=10u35y93wa591 session_id=4t1tlo2vm94m organization_id=31ah14imfvwe9 error=('The parameter is required: org.', (), {'url': 'https://api.zoom.us/v2/webinars/1234/registrants', 'request_data': {'email': 'xxx@xxx.com', 'first_name': 'xxxx', 'last_name': 'xxxx'}, 'error_json': {'code': 300, 'message': 'The parameter is required: org.'}, 'vilt_session_event_id': 1234})

Skilljar requires first name, last name, and email to be registered. If you have a custom field set up in your registration requirements, please remove it. 


Invalid Response 401: {'reason': ‘Invalid Token!’, ‘error’: ‘invalid_request’}

If you encounter this error on your Skilljar dashboard, it's possible that the instructor for you event hasn't been authenticated. Confirm that they have been authenticated and try re-authenticating them as needed. 


There was a problem please contact your System Administrator

If you encounter this error on your course platform, first check to see if the even has been changed on the Zoom side after the event was created in Skilljar. If it was, ask your Zoom admin to change to event back to match the original in your Skilljar dashboard.

In your Skilljar dashboard, you may see this error: Meeting not found << external_id >>.

Also make sure you have the Registration box checked as Required. 



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