Getting Started with Webex Live Training Integration


Learn how to integrate your WebEx account with Skilljar and how to create live training events within courses. 

Linking Your WebEx Account with Skilljar

To begin your integration, you’ll need to get some information from your WebEx Training Center account and input it in your Skilljar Account. You must be a site Administrator on WebEx to access this information and link your accounts.

  1. Log in to your WebEx Training Center account and select the site name you’d like to integrate. Click on "Site Administration" on the top right of the screen. WebEx_1.jpg
  2. On the Site Administration page, find the Site ID and Partner ID as shown in the picture below. WebEx_2.jpg
  3. In a separate tab on your browser, navigate to and click Edit on the top right.
  4. Enter your WebEx ID, Email and Password as you would in WebEx and enter the Site ID and Partner ID that you retrieved in Step 2 of these instructions. Click Save at the bottom of the page. Screen_Shot_2016-08-01_at_9.12.13_AM.png

Your WebEx account should now be connected and you're ready to begin creating WebEx events from within Skilljar.

Creating a WebEx Live Training Event in a Course

Once you’ve linked your WebEx account to Skilljar, you can begin creating WebEx events from within the Live Training section of the Dashboard.

To create a Live Training lesson:

  1. Navigate to Course Management
  2. Select the course in which you want to provide a live training
  3. Select "New lesson" and choose: Live Training
  4. Input your lesson details and click "Save"
  5. Then, click "New event" and select “WebEx” from the Dropdown menu.

  6. Enter the details for your new meeting, including the Event Name, Start and End Time, Instructor name, Timezone, and Max Seats* (if required) and Save your event. 
    1. * By Default, the max number of attendees for WebEx is capped at 500. To limit the number of attendees, enter a number fewer than 500. 

Note on Instructor Name:

If you do not see the desired instructor on the list of Instructor Names, this is likely because the instructor has not granted scheduling permissions to the linked account. You can learn more about this here

For more information on Live Training, please visit this article.

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