Localization and Language Packs

by Hong Chau

Skilljar offers the ability to localize the Skilljar platform to allow international audiences to access training content in a preferred language.

Students can choose from a list of supported languages. In addition to English:

  1. Arabic
  2. Cantonese
  3. Chinese (Traditional)
  4. Chinese (Simplified)
  5. Czech
  6. Danish
  7. Dutch
  8. French
  9. German
  10. Indonesian (Bhasa)
  11. Italian
  12. Japanese
  13. Korean
  14. Norwegian
  15. Polish
  16. Portuguese (Brazilian)
  17. Russian
  18. Spanish
  19. Swedish
  20. Thai
  21. Turkish

We can also easily expand this available language set based on customer needs. 

Customers have full control over what languages are displayed on the training portal. Languages and specific text strings can be customized so that the voice and tone of the training portal align with the company’s brand.

When a student first visits the training portal, they can self-select from a list of available languages, and all text strings that are defined by Skilljar will be displayed in that language. The training portal then remembers the student’s selected language and displays it when the student returns to the portal at a later time.

Learn more about customizing a specific language pack.

If you'd like to add Language Packs to your Skilljar training portals, contact our Account Management team. 


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