Creating a Custom Receipt Template


Need to send custom receipts to your customers upon purchase of a course? We can now create custom receipt templates within Skilljar, that can be downloaded from the order reports detail page. 


Crafting your custom receipt template

Please contact with the following information to get the process started. 

  1. Logo image that will appear on the receipt
  2. Left and right header contents (2,000 character limit each)
  3. Footer contents (appears directly below separator line, 2,000 character limit)

This sample template illustrates the required structure and supported variables that can be placed in the text fields:

Downloading the custom receipt in the Skilljar Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Order Report within the Skilljar Dashboard.
  2. Select the Order ID that you would like to generate a custom receipt 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the section to Receipt, and click Download PDF


Frequently Asked Questions

How many receipt templates can be set up for an organization?

Only 1 receipt template can be set up for an organization.

What happens if the receipt template is changed?

If a receipt template is updated, then all newly downloaded receipts will use the new template. If a receipt has already been downloaded, downloading the same receipt from the order report detail will use the latest receipt template.

How else can I customize the receipt template?

The only customizable options are the logo, left column text, right column text and footer. No other elements are customizable.

How many characters can I put in the text boxes?

Currently, the text boxes support up to 2000 characters.



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