Allowing Students to Self Service Re-Enroll in a Course

by Mike Howard

This course-level setting allows students to re-enroll in a course on their own without the need for administrator action.

When combined with the setting that allows a student to complete a course with a "FAILED" success status, students are now able to immediately re-enroll in a course they've failed in order to achieve a "PASSED" success status. 

Allow Student Re-enrollment Immediately upon Course Completion

This setting applies at the course level and can be enabled while publishing a new course or while editing a published course. 

While publishing a new course:

  1. Navigate to Course Management within the Skilljar Dashboard
  2. Pick the course to be published and select "Manage Course" > "Publish Course"
  3. Scroll down to "Enrollment Settings" to view the options for "Course Progress"
  4. Select the option "When students complete the course, enable them to re-enroll in the course immediately."

While editing a published course:

  1. Navigate to Domains and Publishing
  2. Pick the desired course below "Your Published Courses" and "Edit"
  3. Scroll down to "Enrollment Settings" to view the options for "Course Progress"
  4. Select the option "When a student completes the course, enable them to re-enroll in the course immediately"

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do students need to re-purchase a paid course if they decide to re-enroll? 

Yes, currently students who failed a course and need to re-enroll to achieve a successful course completion status would need to re-purchase the course upon re-enrollment. 

What does the student experience look like when they decide to re-enroll in a course? 

The student will navigate back to the Curriculum page and be presented with the option to "Take again". Clicking this button will re-enroll the student in the course, and it will respect the relevant course progress setting (create a new course progress or continue with the existing course progress). 


If a student registers for a Live Training event and does not attend, would they be able to re-enroll in the course to register for another event?

In this scenario, the lesson would not be completed, and the student would not be able to re-enroll since they did not complete the course. To allow the student to re-enroll, admins can navigate to Live Training and can mark a student as attended but with a "FAILED" success status. This will then trigger a successful course completion and allow the student to immediately re-enroll in the course to sign up for another Live Training event. 


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