Marking a Course as Complete Regardless of Pass/Fail Status

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This course-level setting enables a student to complete a course but achieve a "FAILED" success status designation if they do not achieve a passing score or successfully attend a required Live Training Event. 

When combined with the setting that allows students to self-service re-enroll in a course upon completion, students are now able to immediately re-enroll in a course they've failed in order to achieve a "PASSED" success status. 

Mark Course as Complete Whether the Student Passes or Fails

This setting allows students who do not pass the quiz lesson to receive a failure designation but still get credit for completing the course. The "Use lesson score as course score"  setting also needs be enabled in order to create the final exam. 

  1. Navigate to Course Management within the Skilljar Dashboard.
  2. Select the Course that you would like to mark as completed upon pass OR fail 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the edit section and expand Settings
  4. Scroll to the "Course Score" section and the accompanying "Completion Criteria" sub-section
  5. Select the option "Use lesson score as course score" to create the final exam
  6. Select the option "Mark the course as complete if the student passes or fails" 


Frequently Asked Questions 

If a student completes the course with the failure status designation, will it still surface in the dashboard that the student has completed the course?

The dashboard will note that the student has completed the course but the "Success status" field will display "FAILED". 



If a course is set up to provide a certificate upon completion, will a student still receive a certificate for completing the course with the failure status designation? 

No, students will only receive a certificate for a course if they complete it with a successful status designation.  

If a course has a prerequisite and the student fails the first course, does that unlock the next course?

No, students will not be able to access a course with a prerequisite if they have a "Failed" status for the course they are required to complete before. 

If a student registers for a Live Training event and does not attend, does that mean they failed the course? 

In this scenario the lesson would not be completed, but admins can navigate to Live Training and mark a student as attended but with a "Failed" Success status. This will then trigger a successful course completion and allow the student to immediately re-enroll in the course to sign up for another Live Training event. 



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