Webex: Linking Your Webex Account with Skilljar

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Integrate your Webex Meeting and Webinar account with Skilljar to create live training events within courses. 

Webex is a third-party video conferencing integration, used for live training lessons, online meetings, screen sharing, and webinars. To learn more about Webex and receive product-specific support, please visit the Webex website

To learn how to create a Webex live training event in your Skilljar dashboard, see Webex: Create a Webex Meeting and Webinar Live Training Events in a Course.

Note: The information regarding the Webex platform is up to date as of writing. If you are using Webex and notice these steps and images aren't current, please reach out to Skilljar Support

Linking Your Webex Account with Skilljar 

Connect your Webex account with Skilljar by entering the credentials for multiple instructors. To begin your integration, you’ll need to get some information from your Webex Control Hub account and input it into your Skilljar Account. 

  1. Log in to your Webex Control Hub account. Select your profile in the top right corner of the screen. You'll need your Webex Username and Webex EmailScreen_Shot_2020-02-13_at_4.13.50_PM.png
  2. Go to https://dashboard.skilljar.com/webex/ and select Add Instructor.

  3. Enter your Webex Instructor Username in the Webex ID field and select Next.
    • Note: Your Webex ID (Webex Username) is case-sensitive.


  4. After you select Next, you'll be met with the Webex login page where you will enter your Webex Instructor email.

  5. Select Next to sign in to the Cisco Webex Control Hub:


  6. Select Sign In. Now you can create a live training event with your new Webex instructor account.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will Skilljar notify instructors when added to a Live Training Lesson? 

There is an option in the Lesson Settings that, when enabled (default behavior is enabled), will send a notification to Instructors from Skilljar letting them know that they have been added to a Live Training Event or if any changes are made to that event. See the setting for ‘Email Instructor When Added to Event And For Event Updates.


To navigate there: Course Management > Course > Curriculum > Live Training Lesson > Lesson Settings 

Are instructors able to modify or delete another instructor's event after authenticating via Multiple Instructors? 

Dashboard Admins can modify events for individual instructors via the Lesson or Live training pages. If the individual instructor is not a dashboard user, they cannot edit events.  

We also have Custom Roles that allow limited ILT management for Instructors without providing them full course editing capabilities. Reach out to your Account Manager to learn more!

What happens to Live Training events if the instructor who sets the events up is deactivated in Skilljar? 

All things related to the deactivated instructor's Live Event in Skilljar will no longer work.  Students will no longer be able to register for the event, and they can not be removed/deleted from the event if already registered. A good rule of thumb is to take these admin actions before deactivating the instructor to ensure a smooth student experience. 

Why can I not see the desired instructor on my list of Instructor Names?

If you do not see the desired instructor on the list of Instructor Names, this is likely because the instructor has not authenticated their account.

For more information on Live Training, please visit this article.

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