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If you've enabled Disqus on your lesson content, you have the option of allowing users to automatically sign in and leave a comment. In this case, Skilljar acts as the 'Identity Provider' and logs the student into a Skilljar domain-specific Disqus account. Skilljar uses the student's First Name, Last Name, Email, and Profile Picture to log them into Disqus.

Enabling SSO with Disqus removes the need for a student to log in or create their own Disqus account just to leave a comment on a lesson. They can immediately join the conversation! 

For general information on activating Disqus discussion forums on your Skilljar account, see Adding the Discussion Forum in a Course

Learn more about Disqus lessons at Disqus: Turning Disqus On or Off in a Lesson.

NOTE: SSO with Disqus is only available for Disqus Business accounts and older Disqus Pro accounts. If you are uncertain about whether or not your Disqus account can support SSO check https://www.disqus.com/api/sso with your Disqus admin account or contact Disqus support.

Disqus Configuration

There are two items on the Disqus side that you'll have to configure first:


  • Remote Domain - When signed in as a Disqus admin, navigate to https://www.disqus.com/api/sso (If you are unable to access this page, you may need to contact Disqus support to enable SSO for your account). There are two fields to fill out:
    • Domain - This is the unique identifier for your SSO application internally. This can either be your Skilljar site domain or your Disqus shortname. Either way it is how SSO will be referred to in your Disqus organization.
    • Slug - A unique term that is prefixed to each user that creates an account through SSO.


  • Disqus Application - You will need to create a Disqus application at https://www.disqus.com/api/applications. Once you've created the application, on the settings page you'll need to add all of the Skilljar domains that will have the SSO with Disqus enabled as well as the Remote Domain that you created in the first step.


Skilljar Configuration

Once you have enabled your Remote Domain and Disqus Application, take note of the Public Key and Secret Key for your Disqus application. Contact our Customer Success team or Skilljar Support and we will be able to finalize this configuration for you with the provided keys.


Additional Resources

The help articles over at Disqus have further detail about this integration:


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