Publishing a Course

by Hong Chau

After creating a course in Skilljar, you can publish the content to your course catalog to make it visible and accessible to students.

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There are two ways to publish your course:

  1. From Course Management, you can publish the course you're currently editing directly from the course editing view:Screen_Shot_2020-12-23_at_2.17.01_PM.png
  2. From Domains & Publishing>Catalog Settings you can publish any course that exists under Course Management.Screen_Shot_2019-10-18_at_7.33.06_AM.png
  3. Then select the Published Courses Tab

Defining course publishing settings 

After starting the course publishing process, you will be brought to the Published Course page where you will set all of the publishing settings for your course. You can also access this page to change the settings for a published course by clicking on the specific course title on the Published Courses Tab. 

  1. Domain:
    • Select the domain you are looking to publish the course onto from the dropdown
    • Verify that the correct course is listed in the course dropdown as publishing will make the course live on the domain that you select.
  2. Purchase Settings:
    • You can set the price and checkout quantity for the course here if you are looking to sell course access. 
    • If your course is free, you can move onto the next section.
    • You can also add this course to existing promo code pools if you already offer promo codes.
  3. Enrollment Settings:
  4. Tags:
  5. Learning Paths:
    • You can add the course you are publishing to existing Learning Paths that you have already created.
  6. Catalog Pages:
    • You can add the course you are publishing to existing Catalog Pages that you have already created.
  7. Group Visibility
    • You can set the default Visibility and group settings using the Group Visibility settings.
  8. Pre-requisites
    • You can select other published courses as a pre-requisite to this course.
  9. Advanced Settings
    • These settings will allow you to close a course for registration if needed or remove the registration requirement. 
      • Removing the registration requirement is not recommended, as we do not track student analytics data for courses that do not require registration.

Save the course by clicking Save!


  • Once you publish a course to a domain, once you click 'Save' on any content edits to the course, those edits will be live on your published course - you do not need to re-publish the course for the edits to be live.
  • If a course is already published on your domain, and then you re-publish the course to the same domain, the publish settings are set to default and you need to re-set the settings as desired.


Determining a location for your published course to display

After publishing a course, select where you would like the course to display to students.

At the bottom of the Published Course settings page, select whether you would like the course to display within a catalog page or learning path and then save:


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