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Many Skilljar customers use Skilljar's Salesforce integration to leverage the Skilljar data to create custom reports in Salesforce. These Skilljar Objects must to be enabled for use in reports. This article provides an overview of allowing reports for the Skilljar objects. 

Your Salesforce admin can also install the Salesforce Example Reports Managed Package which will create some example reports and custom report types to begin interacting with Skilljar data.

  • Note: Every implementation of Salesforce varies greatly from company to company. The examples shown in this article reflect Skilljar's environment for demo purposes and your organization's implementation may differ from what is displayed below. This portion of the set-up might need to be completed by your organization's Salesforce Admin. 
Please note before taking these steps: On 07/28/21, we upgraded our 
Skilljar Salesforce app to have the “Allow Reports” setting checked as a
default on all objects. Upgrade to the new app to save time doing
manual tasks and take advantage of a new range of available objects.
If you have already upgraded to the new app, you do not need to
take the steps below.

Lightning Experience:

  1. Select the Setup Gear (upper righthand corner).
  2. Go to Platform Tools along the lefthand panel.
  3. Expand the Objects and Fields section.
  4. Select Object Manager. This should open a list of all Salesforce Objects.
  5. From this view, try sorting by API Name (the goal is to group all Skilljar Objects together, by API name skilljar__).
  6. Select the Label link of the Object required for reporting.
  7. From this view, select Edit and under the Optional Features section, enable the "Allow Reports" option, and Save.Screen_Shot_2019-05-31_at_10.52.32_AM.png
  8. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for all custom objects included in reporting.

Classic View: 

  1. From Set-up, find the Build section (along the lefthand panel).
  2. Expand the Create menu option and select Objects. This will lead you to the Custom Objects page. All Skilljar custom objects will be included in this list. 
  3. From this view, select Edit for any custom object required for reporting.
  4. Under the Optional Features section, enable the "Allow Reports" option, and Save.
  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for all custom objects included in reporting.

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