Getting Started with Live Training Event Tags

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With live training event tags, you can add tags to an individual event, create calendar filter groups, and surface the filters on the Event Calendar on the course platform. This creates a more optimal browsing experience for live training events.


What is a live training event tag?

Live training event tags allow you to categorize live events by keywords, and students can then filter for those keywords within your live training event calendar. If you plan to have a lot of upcoming events, we recommend using tags so that students can find the live training events they want as easily as possible. Learn more about managing tags.

What are the key concepts of using tags?

  • There is only one type of tag, and they can be applied to an event and/or a course.
  • Calendar filter groups are only visible on the calendar page.
  • A tag can be in a calendar filter group, catalog filter group, and a learning path filter group.
  • A tag applied to a course will not automatically be applied to an event. An event tag will not automatically be applied to a course.

How does this affect the student experience?

If filter groups are enabled, students will see a left navigation menu that they can use to search for events on the live training calendar page.  You can get to your training domain’s live event calendar by appending /calendar to the end of your training site URL. For example,[university].[yourcompany].com/calendar.

  • If students select one or more tags within a filter group, the live training event calendar will only show events that include any of the selected tags.
  • If students select tags from different filter groups, the live training event calendar will show events that include any of the tags in one filter group and any of the tags in the other filter group.

Tip: Link the live training event calendar to your main training site catalog page so students can see what upcoming live training events are available.

How do I associate tags with a live training event?

  1. Create a new event and scroll down to the Tags section. 
  2. Type the tag(s) you want to add and associate with the event. Enter one tag per line; and/or:
  3. Select the plus sign (+) in the Existing Tags section and select the existing tag(s) you want to associate with the event.
  4. When you're finished, select Save or Save and continue editing.

 Learn more about managing tags.


How do tags surface on the calendar page?

To surface tags on the calendar, you need to set the filter group that tag is associated with to be visible on the calendar.

Tags are organized by filter groups, which are specific to each type of page in your training site; therefore, calendar filter group(s) are only visible on the Calendar page. You can add a tag to one or multiple types of filter groups. For example, you can add a specific tag to a calendar filter group and a catalog filter group.

Note: Filter groups are specific to each type of page in your training site. For example, if you create a filter group on the Course Catalog page, that filter group will not be available to use on the Learning Path page or the Calendar page. 


Learn more about filter groups and enabling advanced filters for a course catalog, learning path, or live training event calendar.

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