Understand SCORM lesson completion

by Macz Norton

Understanding what student actions trigger the completion of SCORM lessons helps you review analytics with more clarity. 

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Default lesson completion behavior

For most content types (Text Lesson, Embedded content, etc.), a lesson will be marked as complete as soon as the first time the lesson page loads. We will review the specifics for each lesson type in the related articles. 

For all lesson types, there are settings and variables that can override the default behavior.


  • At an individual lesson level in Courses > Individual Course > Course Curriculum > Individual Lesson > Settings, you can choose to Disable Automatic Completion.  


  • If you choose to disable automatic completion, there are a few options for completing these lessons on behalf of your students:


SCORM 1.2 / Web Package lesson completion

Specifically for SCORM, we will rely on the SCORM publishing settings to mark the SCORM lesson as complete when the module sends us a "complete", "failed", or "passed" lesson_status event. 

  • At a SCORM asset level in SCORM > Web Package Name > Web Package Settings, you can choose whether or not to redirect on LMS finish (When disabled, the exit function of the SCORM object will not redirect the student to another page or close the browser window.)         



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