Adding Time Limits to Quizzes

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You can set a time limit in HH:MM:SS format to limit the amount of time students have to complete the quiz.

Add a time limit to a quiz

  • Within a quiz, click the Settings tab.
  • In the Time Limit section, add the desired quiz time. mceclip0.png
  • Save the quiz when complete.

 Quizzes with a time limit will display a countdown timer for students as they progress through the questions:


  • If the timer runs out, the student's quiz is automatically submitted and any unanswered questions are marked as incorrect.
    • Note: If the student closes the browser before the timer runs out (without submitting the quiz first) the quiz attempt will not be marked completed until the learner navigates back to the quiz lesson. When the Lesson is next loaded (and the time limit has been exceeded, the quiz will be submitted).
  • Students will see the Passed results page if:
    • They earn a passing score even if the time expired, or
    • They earn a passing score after their answers are manually graded
  • Students will see the Failed results page if: 
    • They earned a failing score after the time expired, or
    • They earned a failing score after their answers are manually graded, or
    • They didn't answer enough automatically graded questions correctly even if the quiz requires additional manual grading
  • Students will see the Requires Grading results page if:
    • The time limit has expired and there are questions that require manual grading to determine their score
  • Every quiz results page will outline the number of questions that were answered along with the elapsed time. 
  • Quizzes with time limits will show the applicable time limit on your Analytics > Quizzes page

For more information on Quizzes, view this article. 


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