Bulk Purchasing Courses in Skilljar

by Jeff Richmond

When using a Payment Processor to Sell courses for your training platform, Students can have the option to purchase one or multiple seats to the training content on the platform. 

In this article, we will review options in Setting up Bulk purchasing for your courses, and how this will work from your student's perspective. 

Setting Max Checkout QTY in the Publishing Settings

While publishing your course, after setting a price, you can set the maximum number of seats that a single student can buy in a transaction - this is set by default to 30, but can be updated to any number you want which will influence the student workflow when they are checking out and purchasing a course. 


Note - if you have students that may be buying one seat for another user, Skilljar does offer a workflow to make this happen. To enable Single Course Purchase for another person on your Skilljar Organization please reach out to your CSM or Support@skilljar.com who will be able to turn on the "Single Purchase for another User" workflow. 

Student Workflow: Bulk Purchase

When a Student is checking out, they will have the option to select more than one seat when purchasing the course. The price will be automatically updated to reflect the price of the total for all of the seats selected. 


Once the transaction has been completed through your Payment Processor, the student will reach the following Bulk Purchase Page. From here, they can copy the link to share the training with their other users, or can register themselves using the "Register" Button. 

NOTE: Once the purchaser navigates away from this screen,  will no longer be able to generate the "SHARE IT" link, so please remind your students to save this before registering themselves in the course.


Students who are sent the link will be able to register and consume the training content without needing to input payment information.


Student Workflow: Purchase Single Course For Another

If the "Purchase Single Course For Another" setting has been enabled, the Same Post Purchase page will surface for users who only purchase one seat in the courses on your organization. This will allow a student to complete a purchase, and then send a link for that seat to another user, rather than take the training themselves. 



Student Workflow: Email Confirmation

When a student completes a Purchase for multiple seats, they should receive an email which has the Order information and a link to the course. As mentioned in the note above, this email will not have the link that can be shared to other students who they want to grant access from this purchase. 



Admin Workflow: Understanding Bulk Purchases in the Order Report

If a student has purchased multiple seats and shared these seats with others, you will see the original purchase and other orders with a price of $0.00 and a promo code that starts with "bulk" used for all learners who got access from this bulk purchase in the Order Report:


You can also see within the Order ID view that the purchaser has transaction information, while the other orders do not, as they were free:



Non Purchaser:





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