Using Zoom Waiting Room and Passcode

by Mitch Kulczak

The Zoom Platform, as of September 27th, 2020, will require either the use of a Waiting Room or a Passcode when accessing a meeting. This means that for meetings that do not have either a Passcode or Waiting Room enabled by September 27th, Zoom will enable a Waiting Room.

Learn how the Skilljar Integration will handle this behavior moving forward below.  

Skilljar & Zoom Waiting Room

As mentioned above, the Skilljar Platform currently supports the Zoom Waiting Room feature, which is the recommended approach moving forward using the Zoom Platform. Below are several recommended settings to enable within your Zoom account. 

  • All Zoom users should lock the 'Waiting Room' option to ensure that instructors can't activate the passcode option. An admin needs to click on the padlock icon next to the waiting room option to lock it.
  • If Zoom users do not want to use the waiting room option for all employees, they can utilize Zoom's group function and create a group just for instructors with the waiting room turned on and locked.

Zoom Waiting Room Experience for Students and Administrators 

Waiting Room student experience: 

Admin experience: The option to 'Admit All' is offered whenever there is more than one user in the waiting room.


Admin experience: Admins will see a small pop-up when students enter the waiting room and the 'Participants' panel isn't open.

Admin setup: 

Skilljar & Zoom Passcode:

The Skilljar Team has released an update to our Zoom integration that will allow for the use of Passcodes with the Zoom platform. You can now enable the Zoom setting to "Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join" to create a seamless student experience. 

Note: If the setting "Require a passcode for meetings that have already been scheduled" is turned on before the release of the Skilljar update, students will not be able to join meetings (as they will not have the passcode). Additionally, if the setting "Embed Passcode" is turned off, the students will not be able to access the meetings. 

Recommended settings to support Passcode: 

  • Turn on 'Require a passcode when scheduling new meetings' and 'Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join'
    • unnamed__1_.pngunnamed__2_.png
  • Zoom admins will need to lock the setting so that instructors cannot de-select the 'Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join'. To do this, an Admin needs to click on the little padlock icon next to the setting (note: the screenshots above do not currently reflect this setting).
Note: We will not support Webinar Passcodes. Users will need to turn the 'Webinar Passcode' setting off. Webinars are not affected by the September 27 change.
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