Allow Multiple Event Registrations

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Allow Multiple Event Registrations feature allows learners to be able to register for and attend one or more live training events per lesson. They will also have the ability to see any upcoming events, even after they have registered for one or more events in a lesson.

When you use live training events such as office hours or Q&A sessions and provide more than one event option for a given lesson, administrators can enable this feature to allow multiple registrations for live training events within that lesson. Multiple registrations ensure that the events show up on the learner’s calendars and remind them about the training so that they can participate in at least one event.


How to enable multiple event registrations:

  1. Go to Skilljar Dashboard, select the Course Management header, and then Courses

  2. Select the lesson with the live event
  3. Select the Curriculum header and then scroll down to Settings. Select the + icon to expand the options.


  4. Select Allow Multiple Event Registrations

  5. Select Save in the lower right corner

Once the changes have been saved, You will be redirected to the curriculum page with a confirmation message. Your Live Training lesson will now allow learners to register for more than one of your upcoming event sessions.


Student Experience

If “Allow Multiple Event Registrations” is not enabled by an administrator, learners will only be able to register for a single live event for any given lesson. After registering for an event, learners will be unable to see or select additional events.

If “Allow Multiple Event Registrations” is enabled by an administrator, when a learner clicks on the lesson, they’ll see a list of all available events. The events can be in an ‘available for registration’ or ‘registered’ status.



Upon Event Completion

A live training lesson with “Allow Multiple Event Registrations” enabled will be automatically marked as complete when the learner attends at least one of the events. However, if “Disable Automatic Completion” is also turned on, the lesson will not be automatically marked as complete. 



Learners will still be able to register for and attend additional upcoming events after the lesson or course is marked as complete. After complete, any events that a learner has registered for will be moved to the bottom of the list in a section labeled, Past Events. This section contains all past events a learner was registered for, regardless of whether they attended or not.


Additional Notes

To enhance the learner experience when browsing the list of available events and times, the event descriptions and post-registration instructions are condensed to the first 200 characters. Users can click ‘more’ to expand the description for more information and can click ‘less’ to minimize the section. This will make it easier for the student to scan the event list and find events they are interested in registering for.


If an administrator chooses to turn off the Allow Multiple Event Registrations feature after learners have already registered for multiple events, the learners will keep their event registrations, but won’t be able to register for any additional events. The lesson view switches back to display only a single event. The event that is displayed is the next upcoming event so that students can still attend all events they registered for. After all, events have passed, the lesson displays the most recent event.


If “Allow Multiple Event Registrations” is turned on, learners will not be able to register for multiple events during the course registration or purchase flow when “Enforce event registration” is also turned on. Learners can only register for a single event per live training lesson during the registration and purchase flow. However, when they open the live training lesson, they can register for additional events there.

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