Best Practices: Creating a Recurring Certification Program

by Becca Davis

If you are building out a Certification Program in which you would like to have your students be able to retake the course or exam after a period of time to renew their certificate, we recommend the following:

Set a Course Enrollment Expiration, using the below Course Enrollment settings, so that you are able to keep track of which students are re-enrolling for courses over time and thusly allowing them to generate new certificates upon successful course completion.

By entering an expiration window following registration, the students will have access to the course for that specified period of time. When coupled with the first Self-service Re-enrollment option, the student's enrollment will be reset at the end of the expiration window (their enrollment will have expired). At this point, the student will have to register for the course again, in order to retake the course. 



The Course Enrollment Expiration and Certificate Expiration dates are separate objects and can impact certification renewals depending on your Course Re-Enrollment settings.

  • The Course Enrollment Expiration date can be set under Domains & Publishing > Catalog Settings > Published Courses. This determines the student's ability to re-enroll in the course. 
  • The Certificate Expiration Date can be set under Course Management > Actions tab > Completions > Issue Certificate on Successful Completion. While this date can appear on the certificate, it does not remove the certificate from the student's record. The program owner must leverage the published course settings in order for the student to retake the course and earn a new certificate. 


Recommendation: Consider setting the Course Enrollment Expiration date a month or so in advance of the Certificate Expiration date so that the student can retake the course/exam and be issued an updated certificate. Example: Your certificate is valid for 12 months. Set your Course Expiration date for 11 months so that your student is able to re-enroll and complete the course/exam again prior to their certificate lapsing.

By using the above settings, each course enrollment will generate a new line under Enrollment Analytics item and each successful course completion will generate a new certificate as well.

  • Note: If a student retakes a quiz, within the same Course Enrollment and Course Progress, the new quiz score will not be reflected on the Course Progress level and a new certificate will not be generated.



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