Disabled Zoom Email Update, July 2021

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Effective July 13, 2021, Skilljar will by default disable Zoom notifications to students for all events created through the Zoom integration in the Dashboard. You can submit a request to your CSM or  Skilljar Support to opt-out of this update.

What changed?
Zoom currently sends email notifications to students when they register and unregister for an event, when an event is updated, when the instructor is changed, and when an event is canceled. Turning these emails off is only possible manually and on a per-event basis.

Following the release of the updated Zoom integration, Skilljar will disable the Zoom registration confirmations, registration cancellation notifications, event update notifications, and cancellation notifications. Zoom will still be able to send Webinar reminders to students, if enabled through Zoom.

With this update to the integration, it is important to note that the number of new event creations and event updates will be limited to 50 actions per day for the same instructor. If you reach the 50 event-related actions in one day, you will be able to continue adding/updating events the next day.

Why did we make this change?

  • Improved Attendance Tracking: Zoom emails contain a direct link to the live events. Skilljar cannot track attendance for students that use the direct link provided in Zoom’s emails. By disabling the Zoom emails, we reduce the likelihood of students joining through Zoom’s direct link, driving them to join events through the Skilljar Course Platform and have their attendance tracked!

  • Better Student Experience: Students often get two emails concerning the same topic (e.g. their event registration). Additionally, certain Zoom emails can be confusing to students (e.g. Zoom sends cancellation emails to students when the instructor of the event is updated or when the student switches between different events during course registration or purchase). Disabling Zoom emails will ensure that students have a single source of truth about events and that you, as our customer, have better control over the messaging that is sent to your students.

  • No Manual Updates Required: Instructors will no longer need to update events in the Zoom client to turn off these unwanted emails. These email settings will be defined by Skilljar when the event is created.

What do you need to do?

If you would like to opt into this change, no action is required! If you would like opt out of this change, and keep using Zoom emails, please reach out to your CSM or Skilljar Support. Please note that we recommend turning Zoom emails off due to the issues outlined above. Due to the nature of the Zoom integration, we can only turn off all of these Zoom emails for all events. There is no option to opt-out for specific emails or specific events.

Starting July 13, 2021, Skilljar will disable the aforementioned email notifications for all new Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars created in Skilljar after the release. Please note that this change will not impact events that are already scheduled in Skilljar. If you want us to disable Zoom emails for existing events, please reach out to Skilljar Support.

What is the impact to students and to the Dashboard?

After the change, students will only receive Skilljar email notifications about Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars. Zoom will still be able to send Webinar reminder emails, if enabled. We recommend reviewing the Webinar reminder email template in Zoom and determining if edits should be made to this Zoom template. Learn more about that process here. Please note, if students launch the Skilljar event from the Zoom meeting link, attendance will not be tracked.

There are no noticeable changes to settings on the Dashboard. This update is managed on the backend.


What events will this release impact?

Only events created through the Zoom integration after the release of the feature will be impacted. Please note that this release will not have any effect on Calendar Events with manually added Zoom event links, only those events created through the Zoom integration.

When did this change go into effect?

This was released on July 13, 2021.

Please contact your CSM or support@skilljar.com if you have any additional questions.

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