Salesforce: Authentication Changed Alert

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Skilljar will send out a notification email to the Organization Email when changes have been made to your Salesforce authentication.

Possible Alerts:

  • When someone re-authenticates your Salesforce instance
    • Note: When a user selects the “Save and Re-authenticate with Salesforce” button but doesn’t actually go through the steps to re-authenticate, the connection between Skilljar and Salesforce will remain intact
  • When someone selects the "Disconnect from Salesforce" button
    • Note: To actually disconnect Skilljar from your Salesforce, users need to click on the very visible red button that says “Disconnect from Salesforce”



Alert Email Examples:

1. A user has disconnected Skilljar from your Salesforce instance:


2. A user has updated your Salesforce Authentication Settings from Not Authenticated to a new email: mceclip1.png

3. A user has updated your Salesforce Authentication settings from Emaii A to Email B mceclip2.png




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