Group Membership Rule: Enroll Student in Courses, Paths & Plans

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Set up a rule for your Skilljar Groups to automatically enroll students into specific published courses, learning paths, and plans on your domains when they are added to the group. 

For this article, we'll take you through how to create a group membership rule that allows you to add new students to an existing group and automatically enroll them in any courses, paths, and plans within it.

What is the Group Membership Rule?

The Group Membership Rule is an optional setting you can apply to groups within your Skilljar Dashboard. Using this rule on a group means that when you add new students to it, they'll automatically be enrolled in any published courses, learning paths, and plans associated with that group. 

You can learn more about groups at Creating and Managing Groups. 

Note: When students are enrolled in courses via Group Membership Rule, all emails under the “Registration” section of the “Course Actions” tab will be disabled.


How does this work for Students?

Students will be enrolled in any courses set by this rule when they are added to the group and when they have a domain membership for a domain that's tied to the published course, path, or plan. It doesn't matter how they are added to the group (such as Dashboard, Sign Up Fields, SSO rule, and Access Codes), students will be enrolled as soon as they join.

If the Student is already enrolled for any of the courses, paths, or plans in the group, their enrollment will be skipped and they won't be enrolled again.

NOTE: Students don't have to purchase or complete any prerequisite courses to be enrolled if the rule is enabled. This rule is the same as manually enrolling the student from the Manage Students dashboard page.


How do I set this up?

This can be set up on the Group Management page in your Skilljar dashboard and is listed among the other Group Rules in the Group settings.

Note: This rule will trigger when students are added to this group, there will be no impact on students who are already in the group. 

To create the new rule, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your Skilljar dashboard and select Groups.
  2. Under the Edit Rules header, choose the group you want to edit from the list and select the pencil icon  Pencil.png to open group rules page. 


  3. In the group rules page, select Enroll a Student if they are added to this group to expand it for more options. 


  4. You'll see the 'Available Items' list, with the published courses, paths, and plans on your domains on the left. Select the items you want to enroll your student in and use the > icon to add them to the 'Selected Items' list on the right. To add all items, select Add all


  5. Optional - To send students an email with a list of their enrollments, select the Send registration email to student box. 
  6. Select Save to add the new group rule. 

After the rule has been created, any newly added students will automatically be enrolled in to the selected published courses, paths, and/or plans. Students who are already in the group will not be enrolled again unless they receive a new domain membership that includes the published courses, paths, and/or plans for the new domain. 


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