SendGrid: Sending and Authenticating Emails With SendGrid

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SendGrid is a third-party email service that Skilljar uses to manage emails you send via the Skilljar Dashboard. We use SendGrid for tasks such as making sure your emails are safe and secure, authenticated emails so they're not marked as spam, and monitoring if your emails are successfully received. 

In this article, we'll discuss how we use SendGrid to manage your emails and troubleshoot issues. 

For more specific SendGrid information and support, please visit SendGrid's website

Sending Emails on Your Behalf

When you create an email through the Skilljar Dashboard, such as an announcement or course enrollment confirmation, we use SendGrid to send the email on your behalf. When the receiver reads the email, they'll see your email address followed by "via SendGrid" knowing it's safe.  

Because we're sending these emails on your behalf, we can also troubleshoot to see if they have been received successfully, or if they've failed and bounced back. 

If an email shows as successfully processed on our systems and you're still encountering delivery issues, please reach out to your IT team to check for any possible filters they may have in place. 


Skilljar uses SendGrid to authenticate your email domain name, marking it as safe, and preventing custom firewalls from blocking emails that are sent from it. If we send an email on your behalf and it ends up in the receiver's spam folder, we troubleshoot using SendGrid to see why and how it was blocked. 

Skilljar initially provides you with an authenticated Skilljar domain name but you also have the option of creating your own custom domain. To learn how to create, manage and authenticate your own domain, see Creating a Custom Domain and Configuring SSL for Your Skilljar Training Site.

How to Authenticate Your Email Domain

We begin the process to authenticate your email domain name by creating and sending you the relevant CNAME information needed to authenticate it. This is a record that connects your training domain to your host domain, and also provides the SSL certification needed to authenticate your email domain name, making sure your emails won't end up in spam folders This is how the process works:

  1. We create and send you the necessary CNAMEs
  2. Your organization adds the CNAMEs to your Domain Name System (DNS) records.
    • Note: Your organization's IT department should have the means to do this. 
  3. Once those CNAME records are in place, let us know and we'll verify the endpoints at Skilljar, and you'll be good to go. 

Note: It should take around 10-30 minutes to enter the CNAMEs records into your DNS.

If you encounter any issues with your emails being marked as spam after you've authenticated your domain name, please reach out to our support, and we'll troubleshoot the issue. 



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