by Ian McCabe

Skilljar uses cookies to serve certain course content and asset types to learners. This article will give a brief description of what cookies are and provide a list of the cookies used by Skilljar, including common cookies, content access cookies, and dashboard cookies. 


What are cookies? 

Cookies are files created and saved to your device by websites you visit. These files include data within your browser and are used to remember your Internet browsing preferences and stay signed into online accounts. 

Cookie consent, such as accepting and declining cookies for students is managed by your organization and not Skilljar. You can install Javascript tools to manage consent and cookies by adding the necessary HTML code to the "Cookie Policy Code Snippet" within your theme settings via the Skilljar dashboard


Note: Skilljar doesn't control any third-party cookies loaded by embedded content that has been placed in your training site (such as embedded video lessons, webforms, and third-party javascript tools within themes).

To learn more about Skilljar's use of cookies, visit our Privacy Policy.

To troubleshoot any cookie issues you may encounter within your browser, see Troubleshooting Browser Issues with Cookies.


Common Cookies

The following cookies are used by the Course Platform and the Skilljar Dashboard

Cookie Name Cookie Type Cookie Expiration Cookie Description


Session cookie

24 hours

A session cookie, required for maintaining logged-in sessions between pageviews.


non-session cookie

1 year

CSRF protection cookie, required to validate any POST request from the user’s browser.


First-Party cookie

20 years

Cookie used for application debugging of requests from the same browser.


First-Party cookie


Used to determine what features are available on our frontend; comes from the Modernizer library. It is used to detect that the browser is not blocking any cookies. If blocked, it could potentially cause the training site to load with incorrect styling.


Third-Party cookie

2 years

Google Analytics Cookie – not essential, placed by our Google Analytics code snippet.



1 year

Stores the user's localization preference so the correct language is displayed. 

This cookie is only set when the user switches their preferred language from the domain's default language. Its value is a unique, encrypted string that informs the platform which language to use when rendering the training domain. The cookie does not collect any user details besides their preferred language which is explicitly set by the user. The platform does not use this cookie data for any tracking or data collection purposes.

Content Access Cookies

The following cookies may be set by the Course Platform on either the Skilljar CDN or on the Course Platform domain itself to allow access to CDN-hosted content.

Cookie Name Cookie Type Cookie Expiration Cookie Description
auth_xxxx_yyyy Scorm cookie 60 seconds xxxx_yyyy will be different per set of content. Enables SCORM CDN acceleration and controls access to course content.
Cloudfront-Policy Cloudfront cookie 14 days Used by Cloudfront CDN to control access to course content.
Cloudfront-Signature Cloudfront cookie 14 days Used by Cloudfront CDN to control access to course content.
Cloudfront-Key-Pair-Id Cloudfront cookie 14 days Used by Cloudfront CDN to control access to course content.


Dashboard Cookies

Cookie Name Cookie Type Cookie Expiration Cookie Description
sj_dbu Persistent cookie 30 days Placed upon sign-in on the dashboard. Persistent cookie that will be used by marketing to differentiate between prospects and existing customers as it relates to our marketing sites.
login-endpoint First-Party cookie 20 years Stores dashboard single sign-on (SSO) configuration used to log in the user (if they logged in via SSO). If set, the dashboard sign-in page will show a link to utilize the SSO option as an alternative to username/password.
dashboardUiState First-Party cookie Session Stores some state information about the dashboard. Primarily, to show or collapse the left nav on subsequent page views.
sj_dbgid First-Party cookie Session Stores the obfuscated id of the organization under which the user was last logged in
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