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The domains page within your Skilljar dashboard has had a makeover. The new domains page snapshot view provides a high-level overview of your domain's contents and makes your settings more accessible. This new view shows you everything that is going on within your domains, such as how many paths and plans are associated with them, and it's all on one page.  

You can now:

  • Find a collection of everything attached to your domain within one snapshot view
  • See an overview of how many published courses, catalog pages, learning paths, and plans are active within your domain
  • Keep track of all your domains and their objects from the same page
  • Access your domain settings with just a few clicks
  • Easily find your domain main using the search bar (use the magnifying glass icon in the top-right to open the search bar).

Here is what's changed:

Old domains page:


New domains page:


The snapshot view shows the logo of your domain, the name and includes a link to the theme assigned to it. The catalog settings list how many catalog pages, plans, paths, and published courses are currently active on the domain, and you can also easily update the domain settings and view users. 

Each listed item is selectable and will also take you to their individual pages. For example, selecting Plans will take you to the management page for the plans within that domain. 


You can also search for each domain by selecting the magnifying glass and typing the domain name in the search bar. The result will take you to the snapshot view of that domain, including all the above information. 

Find more domains and publishing guidance in our help center.

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