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You can easily download data from your Skilljar course platform, including data for paths, courses, students, enrollments, quizzes, and SCORM lessons via the Analytics tab of your Skilljar dashboard. In this article, we'll discuss how you filter and download this data as a comma-separated value (CSV) file.

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What kind of data does Skilljar track?

Your Skilljar dashboard keeps track of data for your paths, courses, students, enrollments, quizzes, and SCORM lessons via the Analytics tab of your Skilljar dashboard. Each area has its own analytics page and data table, showing metrics such as how many students have registered for your courses as well as how many have completed them.

You can filter your data and download a local copy of it within a comma-separated value (CSV) file. For larger files, we'll email your data to you via Asynchronous Data Download (see What is Asynchronous Download Data? below). 

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How to Download Your Data

To get your data from your Skilljar dashboard, follow these steps.

  1. Login to your Skilljar dashboard, select the Analytics tab, and then the area you want to pull data from. This will take you to the analytics page and a data table for that area. For example, to see data for your Courses, select Courses to open the Course Analytics page

  2. Select the filters for the data you want to pull, such as the registration date range, domains, and whether you want to filter by all users or choose individual users. Select Apply to each one to reflect the changes in the table. 
    • Note: You can also search for individual items, such as courses by using the search bar above the table. 

  3. When you've filtered the data you want to pull, select CSV to download a CSV file to your device.


    Now that Skilljar has transitioned to Asynchronous Data Download, you'll receive a pop-up window notifying you that we'll be emailing you a download link of your CSV to the address logged into your dashboard. (see What is Asynchronous Data Download? below for more information).


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What is Asynchronous Data Download? 

Asynchronous Data Download allows you to download a CSV with large amounts of your data, avoiding lengthy waits and potential timeouts. Instead of downloading the CSV from your dashboard, this option sends you your data via a download link to the email address of the account logged into your dashboard. Once you receive the email, the download link will be active for seven days. 

As of April 4, 2022, all CSVs will be downloaded via the Asynchronous Data Download feature, rather than in-browser.

Note: The length of time it takes for your data to arrive will depend on the file size and could take up to 30 minutes for larger files. 


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