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Please note: For admins - Training credits need to be enabled by our Customer Success team. Please reach out to our Customer Success team if you are interested in learning more or turning this feature on for your organization.

You can use training credit codes to gain access to paid training courses and plans. In this article, we'll describe what training credits are and how learners can redeem them to access training content

For Skilljar dashboard administrators: To see more information about how to create and edit training credits, see How to Create and Manage Training Credits - Admins.

What are training credits?

Training credits are codes that can be used when purchasing training content, such as courses, paths, and plans. You can purchase credits from the organization of the training, and use them on a single course/plan or spread them across numerous courses/plans, provided you have enough credits.

Each time you use your credits to access training content, the value is deducted from your balance. For example, if you have 100 training credits and use them to access a course valued at 20, you'll have 80 credits remaining after the purchase. 

Note: Some training credit codes as well as access permissions for the content purchased with the codes may have an expiration date. If you require more information, please reach out to the course organization. 

How to use training credits

You can redeem your training credits in two ways, provided you have a valid code that meets the value of the content you're using them on. To redeem your credits, follow these steps:

From the content's details page

  1. Go to the training content you want to access. The training content's details page will say if it accepts training credits. 
  2. Under the purchase option, select Purchase with <X> Credits. A text box will appear saying "Enter Code".
  3. Enter the code into the box and select Apply.
  4. Select Purchase to complete the transaction. You'll now have access to the training content. 


From the checkout page

  1. Go to the training content you want to access.
  2. Select purchase. You'll be taken to the checkout page. 
  3. Under Enter promotion, license of credit code, it will state how many credits the content costs and have a box saying "Enter Code."
  4. Enter the code into the box and select Apply.
  5. Select Review and Pay and then confirm the purchase to complete the transaction. You'll now have access to the training content. 


Note: If a course can only be purchased with training credits, it won't display a price option. 


Invalid codes

The credit code must be valid and meet the value of the content to be redeemed. If it's not valid or doesn't have enough value to complete the transaction, you'll receive a message and will need to get a new code from your learning administrator.

Access expiration

Some codes and offers have expiration dates. Once the date passes, you may lose access to the training content, although you may be able to purchase the content again. For more details, please reach out to the training organization.

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