Syncing Asset Completion Across Courses

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You can sync the completion of your content assets, (such as videos, SCORM, PDFs, and embedded content), across your courses from the Asset settings in your Skilljar dashboard.

If you use the same asset across numerous lessons, enabling this setting requires learners to only complete the asset once. When the same student enrolls in a course that uses this same asset again, the lesson this asset is used in will immediately be marked completed.

This is particularly useful for your Video Assets where you want to disable fast-forwarding and require the video to be completed before the lesson is marked completed. 

To learn more about content asset management, see Find, download, edit, or delete an existing uploaded content asset.

Enabling your content asset completion to sync across courses

To enable the setting to allow you to sync your asset completion across your courses, follow these steps. 

  1. Access your Skilljar dashboard, expand the Course Management header, and select Assets. This will take you to a list of all of your assets, including the type and the courses each is included in. 


  2. Select the name of the asset that you want to edit to open the settings page. 
  3. Select the Sync Completion Status Across Courses box. 


  4. When you're finished, select Save

The asset will now be synced across your courses and lessons. 



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