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Check all purchases and registrations within your organization using the Order Report feature within your Skilljar dashboard. In this article, we'll explain what you can find in an Order Report, how you can use the information, and how you can download the report for your own records. 

Note: The Order Report is separate from the Skilljar Analytics section of the dashboard. To read more about reporting analytics for your organization, see Dashboard Analytics 101

What is an Order Report?

An order report is the financial tracking of all the purchases and registrations that have taken place within your organization. This can include purchases, registrations, and credit transactions of courses, paths, plans, and domains. 

Using the Order Report

You can access your Order Report within your Skilljar dashboard by selecting the Order Report link on the left navigation bar. 


The data that you can find on the order report includes:

  • Transaction date
  • Order ID
  • Offer type (such as a course or path)
  • The title of the offer
  • The name and email address of the customer
  • The price
  • Quantity of the transaction.

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Filtering results

By default, the Order Report list will include every transaction, starting with the most recent. You can filter your Order Report list by customizing the boxes above the table. These include: 

  • Date range - Select the date range such as an exact date range, or choose to filter it by periods, such as last week, last 30 days, and last year. 
  • Domain - Filter the results by one or more of your domains. 
  • Transactions - Choose from a purchase, registration, or credit transaction.
  • Offers - Show transactions by course, domain, path, and/or plan. 
  • Codes - Show any promo codes that were used during the purchase. 

To apply the filters, select Apply within each selection and it will reflect within the table. To go back to the default view, open each filter and select Reset


You can also use the search bar in the top right and type in corresponding keywords to find specific results.

Specific order information

To see more information about each specific order, select its Order ID to open a new window with extra details. On this page, you'll find all of the above information, including the total price that was paid by the customer and the status of the order (for example, if the order is complete, the status will read "Success").


Bulk purchases

If a student has made a bulk purchase, you'll see the original purchase and other orders with a price of $0.00 and a promo code that starts with "bulk" used for all learners who have access to this bulk purchase in the Order Report. You can see and filter all promo code purchases by selecting the Codes dropdown. Learn more at Bulk Purchasing Courses, Paths, & Plans in Skilljar.

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Downloading the Order Report

You can download the Order Report to your device by selecting the CSV button in the top right. This will download a comma-separated value (CSV) file including the results you have filtered. For example, if you haven't applied any filtered results, then the file will include all transactions. 


The CSV file provides more detailed information, including: 

  • User ID
  • User's domain access code
  • The currency used for the transaction (such as USD)
  • The promo code applied to the purchase
  • The generated promo code
  • The generated access code (the code given to grant the user access to your content)
  • The value of any credits used
  • Credit codes applied to purchase your content
  • How many credits were redeemed
  • Tracking ID string.


You can also download a custom receipt to provide students with the details of their order. To read more about custom receipts, see Create a Custom Receipt Template.

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