Creating Custom Roles for Users

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Note: The custom roles feature is only available within certain packages. For more information, please reach out to our Customer Success team.

Custom user roles within your Skilljar dashboard to fit the needs of your organization. Once created, you can use these custom roles when creating and editing users within your Skilljar dashboard. In this article, we'll explain what custom roles are, how customers can access this feature, and address FAQs.

To learn more about managing and creating dashboard users, see Managing and Adding Dashboard Users.

What are Custom Roles?

Individual users and Skilljar dashboard admins may have certain roles that they fulfill within your organization, such as instructors and support specialists. Skilljar can create custom roles to fit the needs of your organization, which will appear when you manage or create Skilljar dashboard users.

You can also assign custom roles and our existing dashboard permissions to the same user. Skilljar can also build custom roles that allow you to restrict a user's access to specific courses and groups.

Creating roles and managing their access allows you to restrict data so users can only see information that is relevant to their job/role, making it easier to delegate tasks and tailor individual experiences.

You can also assign roles to new users. To learn more about adding, assigning, and managing users, see Managing and Adding Dashboard Users

How to Create a Custom Role

To get started, reach out to our Customer Success team and discuss which user groups you have on your team and which areas of the Skilljar Dashboard they need to access. We'll evaluate your requirements, creates custom roles for you using available permissions, and make them available on your Skilljar Dashboard.

How to Assign a Custom Role to a User After it Has Been Created

Once Skilljar has assigned the custom roles to your Skilljar organization, they will show up as options on the pages to create or edit Dashboard Users. You can select one or more custom roles and combine them with access to additional dashboard areas.

  1. Open your Skilljar dashboard and select Organization, or expand the Organization header on the left of your dashboard and select Dashboard Users to see a list of your users. 
  2. Select the name of the user you want to manage to open the options page or select New User in the top right to create a new one. 
  3. Under Dashboard Access, select the user's custom role.
    • Some custom roles also allow you to further restrict access for a user based on groups or courses. If a custom role can be further limited, the “Object Access” section will show up and allow you to select specific groups/courses.
  4. When you're finished, select Save to apply the change, or Invite to invite the new user.


To learn more about managing and creating dashboard users, see Managing and Adding Dashboard Users.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I restrict access to specific domains?

No, custom roles don’t restrict access to specific domains. Many custom roles with permissions in the ‘Groups’, ‘Live Training’, ‘Tasks’, or ‘Students’, allow you to restrict access based on groups or courses. 

Can Skilljar create any custom role for me?

Skilljar has a catalog of permissions that can be combined into a custom role for a wide variety of use cases. If your custom role request can’t be supported with the existing permissions, then you may request Skilljar for new permissions to support your use case.





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