Sending Post-Completion Emails For Courses

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Send post-completion emails to students after they have completed courses to re-engage and follow up with them, such as to send a survey or a recertification reminder. These emails can be sent a chosen number of days after completion of the course and to either only students who have passed, only students who have failed, or both, regardless of status.

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What is a post-completion email?

When a student has completed a course on one of your training domains, a post-completion email allows you to follow up with them at some point down the road, be it a few days or a year after their completion. These emails can include surveys, recertification reminders, or just a friendly nudge to come back and continue their education with you. You can also choose to send post-completion emails to students regardless of their completion status.

There are a number of benefits of sending post-completion emails, such as receiving valuable feedback from students and encouraging them to re-up certifications and take additional courses. 

How to send post-completion emails

To manage and send post-completion emails, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Course Management in your Skilljar dashboard by either selecting Course Management from the home page, or by expanding the Course Management header on the left and selecting Courses.

  2. Select the course you want to manage from the list.
  3. Select the Actions tab to access the course actions settings.


  4. Scroll to the Post-Completion section and select Add Post-Completion Email. A window will pop up.


  5. Select Create New Template to open the email customization window.


  6. Edit and tailor the template as necessary. When you’re finished, select Save to return to the previous window. You’ll now see some trigger settings for the template.
  7. Select your email Triggers. These settings determine when the emails will be sent out, as well as the audience.

    • Timing: Choose when the email will be sent after the course completion. This can be a minimum of one day after completion. 
    • Completion Status: Choose to who the email will be sent.
      • All: Send to everyone who has completed the course, regardless of status.
      • Course Passed: Only sends to those who have passed the course.
      • Course Failed: Only sends to those who have failed the course.
  8. When you’re finished, select Save to create the email and return to the course Actions page.

Additional Settings

Activate and deactivate the email template

You can activate or deactivate the post-completion template by selecting the button by the template’s name. When the button is to the right and blue, this means it’s active and will send to students. When it’s to the left and grey, it is deactivated and won’t be sent. The email is activated by default. 


Send preview

You can send a preview of the email template using these steps: 

  1. Select the first icon to the right of your template Screen_Shot_2022-04-11_at_3.50.54_PM.png. A window will pop up with more settings.

  2. Enter the email address you want to send the preview.


  3. You can also select a specific course by expanding Customize Content header and selecting the course from the drop-down selection. 
  4. Select Send preview email to send. 

Edit email template

You can edit the template by selecting the pencil button to the right of the template’s name. When the new window pops up, select the three ellipses (...) to edit the template’s content and follow the same steps as you would when creating a new template. 

Remove email template 

To remove the template from the list, select the remove message button (the X) to the right of the template’s name and select Remove in the pop-up window.

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