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Add your groups to categories to further organize your data and reports. In this article, we’ll explain what group categories are and how you can create and manage them. 

To learn how to create and manage groups, see Create and Manage Groups

What are group categories?

Group categories can be used to organize your learner groups based on role, company, the product they purchased, and custom categories to be used within your analytics and reporting

You can add groups to categories via the Groups page in your Skilljar dashboard. 

Assigning group categories to your groups has no impact on group settings and memberships.

How to Create Group Categories

To create new categories, open your Skilljar dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Select Groups from the left-hand navigation to open the Groups page.
  2. Select the Categories tab.

    • Note: There are four default categories already created: Account, Product, Role, and Partner. 
  3. Select Create New Category. 


  4. On the next page, enter the name of your new category and select Add Groups to Category.


  5. Select your groups/s from the “Available groups” list on the left, or use the search bar.
    • To change how many groups are displayed on the page, select either 10, 25, 50, or 100 from the dropdown selection under the list. 
  6. Select the > icon to move the groups to the “selected groups” table on the right. If you want to move all groups, select Add all.


  7. When you’re done, select Save

Your chosen groups will now exist within your new category.


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Add groups to existing categories

To add a group to an existing category, either choose a category from the dropdown selection when creating a new group (see Create and Manage Groups) or by selecting a category from the categories page and follow steps 4 to 7 in the previous section. 

Remove categories

To remove a group from a category, follow the same steps as above, but choose the groups you want to remove from the “Available groups” list and select the < icon (or Remove all if you want to remove all groups), and then save.

Delete a category

To delete a category, select the category you want to delete from the categories page, and then select Delete Category. 



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