Automating Group Membership Creation with Sign Up Field Rules

by Ana Mays

Pick list signup field responses can be used to gather unique details about students and may be used to add students to groups. Multiple variables can be used to specify the student’s group membership based on signup field responses. 

In this article: 

Note: This enhanced group automation is most useful when Sending Custom User Attributes to Skilljar via SSO fields from your SSO system as these fields are defined in your IdP and we can utilize any type of signup field.

The following examples show Skilljar authentication without SSO, in which case, only pick list signup fields are valid for creating group rules.

Steps to Create Group with Sign Up Field Rules: 

To Create a Sign Up Field rule for a Group:

  1. Navigate to Groups
  2. Either select a Group, or click ‘New Group’
  3. Expand Sign Up Fields 

Meet ANY of the selected fields (Default)

By selecting the ‘Meet ANY of the selected fields’ dropdown – this will set the signup field rules to allow a student into the group if they have ANY of the signup field responses that are added to the group rules. The student only needs ONE of the defined responses to be added to the group.  The selected signup field responses can be from the same signup field or different signup fields. This selector is how Sign Up Field rules operated before enhanced group automation existed.

Example: If you have a signup field that defines the State a student is from, you could create a group called  “West Coast Students.” For this group, you would add the signup field responses of California, Washington, Oregon. If a student selects any one of the states in the signup process, they will be added to the “West Coast Group”. Group members can have any one of the signup options that have been added to the rules list.



(admin view)


(student view)

Meet ALL of the selected fields

By selecting the ‘Meet ALL of the selected fields’ dropdown – this will set the rules for group membership to be restricted to those users who meet ALL the required criteria. The student needs EACH of the defined Sign up Field responses to be added to the group. It is not possible to use multiple responses from the same Sign Up Field for a group rule, as a student cannot have more than one response to the same Sign Up Field. 

Example: You create multiple signup fields; ‘State’ and ‘Job Role’, you then create a group named ‘Washington Managers’ using ALL logic that requires a student is part of the ‘Washington’ signup field option AND the ‘Manager’ signup field option. If a student meets both requirements, they will be added to the ‘Washington Managers’ group.


(admin view)


(student view) 

Note: Trying to add multiple options from the same Sign Up Field when using Meet ALL of the Selected Fields option will result in an error and will not allow you to save your group with this rule. 


Once you create these groups, you’ll be able to restrict visibility and sort analytics which you can learn more about in these other articles:

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